Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OOoooh Nuts!

Corey and I have been fixated on nuts lately.

We like to crack 'em, and of course- eat 'em.
Bought a fancy nutcracker from Honestly Edward, and have an adorable bowl Niki got me for my Bday to hold 'em.

Corey set out some difficult to get at nuts on our 2nd story windowsill for the cute, fury little squirrel's that reside in the courtyard.
Well this officially became a problem when I woke up a couple weeks ago to a living room scattered with shells, plants with soil all around them, and a half eaten box of what I like to call the Poor Man's Turtle (but you may know as Slowpokes).
The little bastard sliced a hole in the kitchen screen, and had his way with the nuts neatly displayed on our coffee table during the night- while we slept.

So to this day, we are finding "hidden" nuts around the apartment--
Under the sheets in the spare bedroom, buried inside the potted Aloe Vera plant, in the washroom, tucked away in every corner.

Here's the MAIN DEAL though:

I recall half-waking up the morning of the incident, and Corey asking me if I was "eating nuts" in bed. Seems he rolled over onto a large walnut.
Soooooo- this fucking squirrel was in our gaaaad-damn room while we were sleeping!
I'll post a picture of the little bastard soon. Corey caught a recent one of him sitting on the sill staring at us. And post script:
This "fury little squirrel" is not so much.
This is your typical "winter squirrel".
Ratted up hair, not-so-poofy-tail.
Almost most closely resembles a gigantic rat.

We named him "Nutty".


Anonymous said...

Um, you call him Nutty? With a track record like that, I think you'd have to call him PROFESSOR Nutty!

krista zee said...

oh he's nutty alright.
he came into our bed!
thats one bold squirrel.