Thursday, December 20, 2007

Real Men Cook Quiche

I am excited for this week to be over.
I have been working until 8pm everynight, and with a start-time of 8:30sm- It adds up.
My boss and the executive chef are in her office for dooby time right now.
This place rules.
I mean- I saw my first (and second) EVER stripper here.
And I've only been here for just over three months.

Corey made quich this week.
I was uber-impressed.
One had pineapple and veggie ham in it!
My baby can cook.

Tonight is our Wrap party.
We wrap all the goodies we have bought for our families.
We are heading to my dad's Friday night, and then myself, my sis, my Bro-in-Law and C dawg head up north to moms.
Its perfect- How close Corey's parents are to my mother.
They asre from the same sticks.
Maybe we can look for Wiarton Willie, or Sunny the Sauble Shithawk while we are there.
I love that goddamned Shithawk.

Here's our photo with Sunny from last years Wiarton Willie parade:

Note the "Willie noses" my mom and sis are sporting.

Can't wait til this February- We are thinking of entering a "float" in the parade.
And when I say "float" I mean pretty much anything goes.
Some of the past's favorites have been:
An old fire engine, a dood in a lill' car that looks like a computer mouse trucking around in circles, miniture horse dressed in clothing........a- uhhhh............ pick up truck.

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