Saturday, December 8, 2007

Are VHS Tapes tapes...over?

I sure as hell hope not, cause just now I picked up Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from my neighbor's junk pile whilest walking with Corey-
He's gone to the boozer now.
I opted out.
I was extremely hungover today. One would say "like a horse"- that's how HUNG I was.
I instead I am preparing a Mexican taco feast with veggie ground round, anticipating his return.

We rented Hairspray, and Room 1408... what a mix huh?
They'll prolly both stink- what are we getting into here??

Tomorrow is our anniversary. It was one year ago that I plucked him up from the Tap on Bloor Street, and invited him over to "play guitar and smoke a roobie" in a drunken haze.

I am glad I did.

Off to make Mexicaso!


Highwaisted said...

mmm taco's how did they turn out? 1408 is so bad. congrats on the 1 year. :)

krista zee said...

Thanks H.W.
The tacos were pretty much amazing.
And when we began to fight over having hard or soft- this little girl showed up and suggested we "have both".
So we did.
Fajitas (pronouced FAH-GI-TAS)
and hard tacos.