Thursday, December 27, 2007


WOW. This season has been pretty hectic. I can't believe Christmas came and went already and we are almost into 2008.
2007 was pretty schweet.
I fell in love and graduated college.
I got a jorb.
And I have many great memories of friends and family.

This Xmas in particular was some pretty good times.
Corey and I managed to get in our time with all the 'rents.

Here's the special highlights:

Xmas 2007- top five

1) CASH- my sister and Rob's newest addition to their family. A gorgeous black kitty found in mom's woodshed up north.
Robbie fell in love and HAD to take him home with them. So far I hear the cat and Lennie (the dog with the gi-normous cornhole) are doing okay.

2) Cranium's POP 5 / YAHTZEE- We all know how I love boardgames. And this yr I received two from Santa that have already given us much joy!

3) THE RETURN OF C-dawg's BAGS- After a slight scare on the Greyhound, and the temporary loss of TWO GIANT bags (one full of all our Xmas pressies)- We are happy to announce that the bags have been FOUND! XMAS WAS SAVED!

4) Me- pulling a Ralphy-red rider bb gun- trick on Corey, hiding his Donna Karan boots behind a chair at my mom's for him to find.

5) My dad- whilest dogsitting, gently harassing "Simon the crazy Jack Russell"....bsimply pointing his index finger toward the dog's mouth, receiving the teethy "grin" from Simon.
He did it over and over and over (as dad's do) ....

but I giggled everytime ;)

Oh, and my sister framed this great picture of Corey and I when we were up north in the spring.
Real candid shot of us kissing on the rocks. I will scan and post soon. Lovely.

makin' veggie chili tonight.
toot! toot!

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