Friday, February 27, 2009

Neato Mosquito

Ok so this first mural is the ceiling in a smoker's lounge......

And this one below is the floor of a bathroom--- in a HIGH RISE building.

Pretty cool shtuff.

This evening is another Floor Hockey game and we are putting the lovely Macho Bacho in the net. She's a chick, btw.
Wish the Brewin's Luck.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My perfect dog match?
His name is Rufus.

Welcome to... Tired.

Beers with a couple work mates last night turned into lesbian bar turned into charging outta there turned into two many beers turned into a place called cock and tail turned into LOL turned into asking if Kyle could tickle their ivories turned into a big fat annoying no turned into no-man tickling the ivory turned into us leaving turned into cab home turned into Kyle losing cell phone in cab turned into FOUND IT. Turned into C dawg asleep with the Life of Pi in his lap turned into cutest ever sight to see turned into Goodnight.....

Oh yeah turned into today= tired.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Special... Sooo Special

My one year anni at work, and my mate Chris baked me this!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar night

Oscar night.

Too bad I've only seen two of the featured films.

Every year I say the same thing- that I must make an effort to get out and see more of the nominated films.... I guess "Changeling", "Benjamin Button" and such titles are what the Zerbinator would consider to be definite "renters"..... IF that.
But I do want to see "The Reader" and definitely "The Wrestler"... hopefully they win an award or too- I've heard good things...

As for Slumdog Millionarie- I saw it a while ago and loved it. I see it doing well.... It BETTER do well- It was my main pics for many of the categories for this evening's OSCAR POLL.
We are doing an Oscar night complete with POLL at Alicia / Joe and Hayley / James' place.

I made a veggie lasagna for the occasion that I swear weighs like 25-30 pounds! I got up early and was slaving over a hot stove for these bitches and bastards! ;)

C dawg was up this morning before 5am to go to work. He will be joining us after work for the festivities. We both have our Oscar poll cards all filled out and ready to go. He chose Angelina as the Best Actress winner. I laughed at him, She'd better not win.

Well I am off to get some booze for the evening. I hope the crew knows that both C and I stayed in last night and therefore are ready to blow off some steam at their new pad. We'll surely be dancing on tables, drinking our faces off and possibly (fingers crossed) convincing the couples in a wee friendly SWAPPING.

HAHA If ALI and HAYLEY are reading this- Holy Shit, guys! I KID I KID!

Next weekend we got an invite to this wee party in Paris.... Ontario.
Our pal Shauna is housesitting this AMAZING house mansion with an indoor pool.
Plus it's my sister and friends so a guaranteed good time :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, the long weekend is over :(
"Family Day" Monday was a nice touch, I must say.

Also, of course- Valentine's Day.
What do I have to show for it??
  • Many feelings of LOVE from C
  • Cinnamon hearts- a staple for me
  • A red rose
  • A lovey dovey candle
    and finally........
  • Body Shop Dewberry Body Oil
    AKA Nostalgia in a bottle!!!!!!

Friday night we went to Joe's Bday and I stole these pics!

Arent these two the cutest???????????????????????????????
With my DHP hair showing in the pic????

Aren't I the cutest??? With my sweetheart hiding in the mirror behind me???

Back to work, but a short week at that.
I'll write more when I'm not playing catch-up on 100 work-related emails.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I am not feeling well so my co-worker made this:

Another one made this because I rule:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Versa-anniry

26 Months of bliss, today.

Subway Pick-up


Nothing says "Sunday" like being on the "subway" and getting asked out.......
by an 80 year old German WO-MAN.

It all started on my way to the mall, going south. She sat next to me and was staring at the METRO magazine I was reading. She asked where I got it. She noted it was from 2 days ago. While I was explaining that I got it at Dupont Station, and that the METRO only puts out one "weekend" edition, she was grabbing it from me to show me something. She was going on and on about her husband, and his metal state and how he LIVES for the back page. And then , there it was- the SUDOKO.
She asked if I wouldn't mind giving her the paper when I was finished with it, as she wasn't able to find one on Friday to bring to her husband. I agreed, of course, and then this:

(thickest accent ever) "I need College station, where are we?"

"Oh, we are only at King, ma'am, you have time"

"I am going to see a movie"

"Oh reallly, which one?"

"The reader"

"Oh I want to see that. I heard it's very good"

"YOU come with ME. We go together!"

Oh the sweet sweet German woman. She seemed so excited! I had to decline, as I was meeting someone. But lemme tell you - If I had no plans I would have totally gone.

On another note I bought me the most booty-licious Club Monaco jeans while shopping with Nina at the mall.
Watch out!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feelings of spring

The sun is shining but its freeeezing cold out.
I am solar powered, so I feel much better with those lil' rays of sunshine we get within our Canadian winters.
It make me remember springtime.

Not much new here. Corey and I have been spending our evenings doused in beer and kisses and the tee vee.
He's looking into maybe doing another ART show sometime. I hope he does. his stuff is so great.
Here he is -hard at work.I'm looking forward to spring. I need me some tank top weather.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bright, White, outta sight. Never wrong- always right!

Wiarton Willie saw his shadow (how could he NOT??? LOOK at the size of this guy) so this means that there is 6 weeks of winter left.
Seems pretty fair to me, seeing as though here in Southern Ontario we can only hope for a sign of spring by mid-April.

Happy Groundhogging everyone.
To all you suckers at work- I am sitting comfortably at home on this fair Monday afternoon. Groundhog day is a statutory holiday for the Zerbinator!!!!