Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding meat

Here's some select shots from the wedding on Saturday. Couldn't find any shots of our men- so just me and the sister will have to do!

The happy couple (below). Man, they were cutey. Sharkey kept tearing up during their "couple" speech and thanks goodness her rock, Tim was there to take over!!!
Tim wore her dad's wedding tuxedo. He passed away a decade ago. Tim had it tailored to fit his skinny little bum! Awwww.

Since the two of them are both chefs' it was no surprise that Tim himself cured this prosciutto for 13 months for the wedding! C dawg and Rob were all over this thing!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Waterloo weekend #1 was a success. We are back this coming weekend as well.
I spend the Friday evening at an all chicks night at Jenny's. We even had Ms. Battista (who's in England) on SKYPE. Felt like she was right there with us :)

Saturday was a day of extreme shopping. We hit the cheapy outlet stores in Lamebridge. Not the highest of quality of clothing for sure- and pretty basic, girl stores- but got some pretty rad basics for NEXT TO NOTHING!

First store- Suzy.... spent $12 and got a scarf and 4 shirts!
Next stop- Bootlegger (LOL)- 4 shirts = $15
I then proceeded to Old Navy and bought a $29 mini demin skirt. It's pretty sick I must say and after trying on both a 4 and a 6- I went with the 4. Feels good- especially at this time of year... winter weight ugh.

Sharkey's stagette Saturday night was a fun lil' party. Bar hopped uptown and ended up back at her place to meet her gorgeous doggie Marvin at returned to my sister's place at 3:30 am. (Very unlike my aged self)
Yah, I still got it.

We got to see my dad on Sunday (his bday was last week) and ate at Mongolian Grill.
Choked down some grub in between dry heaves (hung like a horse) and got some good visiting time in there.
He's 66, I can't believe it.

Got the Greyhound (tragic) home and had a nice dinner with my sweetie.

To top off the night- Jackson was a wild feline at 4:30am and drove us nuts as he took a running start down our hallway and jumped at our bedroom door.
over.. and over... and over.. again.

Thing is, we let him in and it's obvious he's not in the "sleeping" mode. It's a tad annoying and I do believe it's time to say Goodbye to his nutsack.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

RIP to a legend

Born October 7th in Jackson, Mississippi into a musical family.
Mel become a giant in the Blues Music scene.

In 1989, my very own hometown of Kitchener, Ontario got lucky.
Mel books shows at the club Pop The Gator. Much to our glee, he decides to stay and explore life in Canada.
"I like being where I’m not suppose to be" chuckles Mel.

The Canadian blues community welcomes him with open arms.

Today we say good bye to a great.
RIP. Mel.

Thunder only happens when it's raining

Last night:
  • C convincing me that he and Liam Neeson have the same profile.
  • Eating a exquisite panini the size of a baby's arm
  • ANTM
  • Speaking to mom on the horn, trying to convince her that NO it wasn't "Nickelback" I went to see (barf) and OF COURSE she should be familiar with Fleetwood Mac-- "Oh, Vera"
Sadly, I heard this morning that Liam's wife Natasha succumbed to her head injury while skiing in Quebec.
It was shocking, really. I had last heard that she may be ok :(
It really makes me think about what is important... and that life really is... precious and fragile.

It makes me want to elope or something.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fleetwood MAC

Ok so this OBI isn't my camera shots- BUT we were literally THIS close :)
13th row from the stage-- I couldn't believe my eyes.
Walking into the joint post joint with Fee was unreal. We just kept being lead further and further into the Air Canada Centre. The place is pretty darn big, and when it's dark and you are half in the bag- a tab overwhelming!!!

Fee and I first hit the Foggy Dew on King street with some work mates for St. Paddy's fun. Of course, due to the occasion, there was a line to a holding area to another line to get into the bar.
We were lucky to grab a table at one point by the door so we could comfortably chug our $7.50 cans of Kilkenny and expensive pitchers of 50.

We headed to the concert around 7:45 and found a Stevie Nicks' inspired mother-daughter combo outside for some thing else festively green. $15/j haha are you kidding me? LOL

The show was fantabulous. I seldom go to shows anymore- as I have become a bit of an old fart ("My back hurts from standing" "The people around me annoy me" etc etc.) but this one was a great time. Good tunes, good company- and still home by 11:00pm!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Balls revisited

Felt pretty good once I got to work today. My back wasn't aching half as bad and I was in an unusually good mood for a Monday. Decided to treat myself to ZOES for a boccocini sandwich (add Dijon) and a spicy soup. $15.82 (take out) later I was walking back to work and in pain and with a hole in my wallet.... again.
I have to say it's worth it. I love these kind of sandwiches that you unwrap and think "there's no way I can fit that in my mouth" but then, of course I open up wide and squish it down to do just that.

Working the 8-4 shift makes a remarkable difference here. I can hardly believe that I am almost done!

Was thinking of going to the clinic but after reading up on Dr. Google today- I am giving my medication a few more days to kick in (properly) before I subject myself to a waiting room.

On the best note EVER-- C man found THE LAST box of Meatless balls today at our Loblaws. Apparently the box was hiding behind some chicken skewers!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work drama

My poor friend at work has been on THE SAME call with what we thought was a customer - but ISN'T EVEN..... Just some woman bitching about being laid off in 2002!
We are NOT , I repeat NOT a recruitment firm.

Poor thing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie Bit me

Anyone who likes the below (1st) video should watch the second one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Backs and Balls

After a year of almost-good back health, THIS has reared its ugly head on me again.
For anyone who has experienced the shooting pain down one's legs form this- I feel your pain... literally.
I took the day off from work and after hours of self-induced cabin fever, decided to make the treck to RATBLAWS LOBLAWS. I was hungry. Bad idea because I came home with waaaay more than my aching (hot) bod could carry.
I took the bus.
3 stops :)

ANNND my rant of the day is that Loblaws is completely OUT of the PC Meatless Meatballs for the 3rd week in a row! I asked the butcher-man and he explained that they have been ordering them week after week, and these damn balls just never show up with the order.

You think it's possible that the MEATIER balls ate the Meatless balls somewhere along the commute? OR just kicked the meatless balls ass??- out of complete jealously, no less.

I miss my balls.

Speaking of which C should be home soon. He's looking ridiculous lately. Ridiculously beautiful. Spring fever maybe? Or posts by nice blogging gals I read about love as of late. You know the ones- the love-talk that makes you want to puke when you ain't in love, but swoon if you are?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


No pictures lately. My roots are HORRENDOUS. Haven't taken care of them since Xmas... I believe it's a world record.

Will do them this week.

This evening is an after work deal. Our president stepped down :(
Soooo drinks on King Street with the Corporate types (and Kyle) it is!

Hope to hang with the C dawg later as well. He's been working very hard this week.

insert scary but wonderfully beautiful pic of a peregrine falcon which was spotted right outside my office window HERE: