Monday, October 20, 2008

Oktoberfest was Wunderbar

I went to KW solo on Thursday night, Corey had to work.
Drank beers, and jagermeister. Slept in a KING size bed with Jenny and her dog Lily.

That pic is me and my friends lil sis. I recall her being like 12. But now she's like 6 feet tall and gorgeous and probably 24. Scary shit.

The next night I went to one of those Tupperware-esque parties.... except they were selling candles.

I was the girl who drank a bottle of wine to myself, did not buy a thing, but still left with some free shit cuz I won seme prize!

The I went back to BOLTS... watched funny youtube this one!!

Bedtime- spooned her, her cat and Lily the dog again (as she was sitting her overnight)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My dream

I had this very strange and surreal dream last night, that Lennie- my sister's dog was jumping in and out of a passing streetcar.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding etc.

Wedding pics-

Here's the happy couple who's wedding we were at on the weekend. I swear- I believe that couple's that look alike are actually a better match. These two are simply irresistable!

On another note- THIS is what happens at my work when you come in the morning of your Bday: Let's just say I can't wait until November 12th-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My friend at work laughed at me b/c I am wearing a one piece corduroy get up today.

I have had this outfit since I was 19 and I still fit into it.

In other news, I had lunch with a good pal (who's been around even longer than the pantsuit) who announced she is pregger's with baby #2! Yahhhh!

Oh, and I saw a guy I dated a few years ago while we were out, and my pal thought he was "a homeless man I was being really nice to"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Cat Lost

I thought I had lost him last night.

Came home from Fio and Ro's at 11pm. Walked into the apt, put down purse and jacket and proceeded to find the sweet kitty.
He was nowhere to be found. Now normally, he would coming out from wherever he was and scamper into the hallway upon my arrival.
He did not scamper.

After searching the apartment, I walked out into the apt. hallways to see if he had snuck out. I walked around the building several times, still no kitty.

Now I get scared. Tearing up, texted C and said "I can't find the cat anywhere!"

Then- my instinct told me to open the apt door once again.

*Scamper scamper scamper.

I swear he must have been on the OPPOSITE end of the hallways as I was searching for him.

What a relief!

On another note- we are heading out of town for the LAST WEDDING OF THIS YEAR this weekend.
PJ party Friday night with some Waterloo bitches + C... and then staying at my sister's after the wedding.

I will most likely gain 400 pounds, as this is a Portuguese wedding- plenty of food!