Thursday, April 2, 2015


In the past few years, the noise in the building where I reside has been pretty... tolerable.  More than tolerable in fact.  C and I were just referencing this the other day.  Well I should have known it was too good to be true.  Last night was a shit show.  CONGRATULATIONS ON FAILING YOUR EXAMS, STUDENTS!

In between stints of (I'm guessing) drinking copious amounts of moonshine and dabbling in some methaqualone, they would descend into the courtyard and talk over one other for 10-15 minutes a time.  I swear to GAH it sounded like a huge pack of morons were standing in my bedroom.  Noise tends to travel through courtyards into open windows.

I woke up (one of the many times) and thought- why is C not raging? 
I peer over to his side of the bed:

Knowing it would be too cruel to peel them off his pretty head and slip onto my own, I lay there helpless.  At one point there was a guy FLIPPING OUT.  Like for reals LOSING HIS SHIT (must be the ludes?):
 "I wanna go home. *INAUDIBLE, INCOHERENT NOISE* Yaaaaaaar" 

Then I HEAR SOMETHING BREAK WITHIN THE BUILDING.  I am now willing the police to come.  Or the superintendent to wake up.   
ANY-thing to stop this fucking racket.

And then I hear it.  The pleasant sounds of radio dispatch and the voice of police people.

The noise is over, and I am finally... falling... asleep.....

and then

Moral of the story?  SEE TITLE