Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wow, for the first time in days I don't have this severe pain running through my back and up and down my leg. Now this doesn't mean I am completely healed. I went to the Doc yesterday where she informed me it was Sciatica that was causing this massive unfortunate feeling.....

(just a fancy name for pressure or pinching of the Sciatic nerve) ouch!

(thats really me, btw- love handles and all)

After the appt I immediately went downtown to get me some Xrays.

I sneezed in the waiting room and literally cried out in pain. It's the sneezes that have caused the most excrusiating (sp?) pain of my life. Which really stinks cause I used to look forward to sneezing. I love that sneezy-feeling. and now I've lost it. *sniff sniff

I do have to say that today (so far, knock on wood) I feel pretty good. I am working from home, and yesterday there would be NO WAY I could have sat at a desk in front of a computer without screaming out with cries of pain.
Today seems good, and I have a shit load of anti-inflammatories to take, AND a doctor's note for some good ol' fashioned Physio-Therapy! Woo-hoo!


My sister's car was FOUND... no thanks to the KW coppers.

In fact, the very house it was stolen from, (kels pals derke and colleen).. well DEREK himself was out driving and SPOTTED the Dynasty abandonned near Vic Park!

HAHA, Who would have guessed?

So when the cops showed up to do finger prints etc. my Bro-in Law just opted out altogether from the "investigative" parts (LIKE they are going to find these punks??!!!) and stick a screwdriver in the car and drive it away from the scene.

But the best part- he drove it, not home, but to DEREK's, parked it outside... exactly where it had been taken from--- and went in to hang out and prolly smoke doobies.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh my aching body

I walked home AGAIN yesterday. I'm so friggin proud of myself. I have a long stride, so it really doesn't take long. Thanks, legs.
I arrived back at the apt. to C standing on the sidewalk smoking, whistling that Do Wah Diddy song as I stepped.
He sure is nice.

Last night's dinner:
Hot and Sour Soup and a stir fry w/ noodles.


Figured the soup could be a way to find whatever sickness is brewing inside of me and scaring it the fuck away.

And now my back really really hurts. My entire lower back is Stiffy MacStifferson. It all started a week and a half ago when I sneezed and something snapped. But today it's very uncomfortable. And then of course the paranoia comes out and I think maybe its not my back, but my kidneys or liver or something. YIKES!

We got flowers from this week's houseguest, Becky. They smell nice. Like spring, really.

Another sure sign of spring-
We saw a couple of birds doing it at Kilgours the other day.

Shotgun NOT SICK

So as if I'm feeling like I may be coming down with something AGAIN. Like seriously, I JUST finished my G.D antibiotics.... Everyone in this damn office is coughing and shit and HOLY CRAP if I get ill again... I will lose it.

It's like 20 degrees outside, and I'm stuck in this office building.
Oh well, Suppose it's better than bein:
Stuck in a basement, sittin on a trucycle
Girl getting on my nerves
Goin' outta my mind, I thought she was fine
Don't know if her body is hers.

Cuz that's gotta suck.

C and I enjoyed a bit of patio time last night at Kilgours.
Today's even warmer, and I really really hope it continues all weekend long!

We're Harvey Sitting!

The sis, C, Harvey and Sis' dog- Lennie are going to Rock and Fucking Roll this weekend.

I hope the dogs get along ok.

I hope the frisbee doesnt get too slimey.

I hope to one day meet a cartoon snake that uses a ton of ssssssssssssss wordssssssssssss.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My sister called us around 11:30 last night, just as we were leaving the fine company of A and J.... to inform me that her car had been stolen AGAIN.
4th time, dood.

This beast of a car was FIRST taken from her work's parking lot, in Waterloo.....found abadonned... and then stolen again (from the same lot) and AGAIN (work lot again).

It has now been reported that last night, she was struck yet again, while visiting a friend's place!

This is the type of car we're talkin:

I think it's a 1990.


Maroon, dood.

This thing is like a grandma car, totally.
IN FACT my bff's grandma HAS the car-twin to my sister's Dynasty.
Once we took the two cars out together and cruised the Waterloo streets.
Twins. Ugly twins. Like Mary Kate and Ashley in the really awkward years ...
Except maroon, and with wheels.

My poor sister.
Bought "the club" and everything to protect this car. But the thieves got her again... This time right in her own neighborhood outside a friend's house. HI-Larious. I must say. As soon as she told me I couldn't help but giggle.

One other time, (i think the second) My sis' friend actually SAW the car and the culprits joy-riding the thing, when she saw Kel's pint-chipped beast heading down her street.
BUY the driver was not a cute blonde girl- rather some punk-ass-kid(s).

So be on the lookout for a maroon coloured dynasty.
It'll be abandonned somewhere in the KW area.
Look for the chipped marron paint that disclose a yellwish hue.


Oh shit I hope Kelly didn't leave anything that belongs to me in that car!!!!

Holy crraaap my sister's facebook picture and mine are like twins!

Mine- above Dynasty with Question mark......

and Kels:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dominican Revisited

My pal Cameron posted some great D.R pics on facebook.
So I stole some and here they are:

my twins--------/

thats Cameron on the right, with my sweetheart and "Mr. Lemmingwinks".
Who turned out to be "MRS. Lemmingwinks"... and very pregnant.

"It's my X in a BOX"

So yesterday was C and I's anniversary.... and yes we celebrate each month cause we're lame and lucky to have found eachother:P

1 year and 4 months of bliss.

He made a loverly lil' dinner of chickenless nuggets, a kick-ass salad and baked potatoes. yum!

Anywho- C was doing laudry and stumbled upon a box in the sister-apartment-building......
with a motherfuckin' XBOX in it!
People throw this shit out, yo?

We figured it HAAD to be broken, but C trecked it up the stairs to my eagerly awaiting arms, and GUESS WHAT???

Complete with two games: some tragic tennis game and Atari Classics.

Classic is RIGHT.

Happy Anniversary, dream boat ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008


Soooo, me and Nina just went to Johnny Bananas and completely PIGGED OUT on Mexican.
Like I don't think I have ever felt so uncomfortably full.
I want to have a nap nuder my desk right now.

I swears.

I feel like this.

except i'm a chick with nicer tits.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


oh MAN
I had the most surreal dream of my life last night and I was sooo pregnant, I could feel it.
We were trying to induce labour and for some reason we were pushing on my stomach and I swears I could feel this thing inside me. Very scary.

On a funner note, some classic pics from the other night. It's alls I gots since I've become such a homebody:

ps in the last ones, we were trying to be "Brenda and Kelly"