Saturday, December 31, 2011

GAYmes night / Countdown to 2012

Well the countdown to 2012 is ON.

We got some good holiday cheer on Thursday night at Joel and Christopher's place.  Sorry, I mean at MARSHALLs place. (I cant believe I failed to take a snapshot of him so here is a stolen one from f-book)

There was SO MUCH FOOD.  SO MUCH delicious food.  Homemade sushi, smoke salmon, artichoke dip, pumpernickel awesomeness, and of course my homemade tartlettes.
We got out the good ol POP 5 game and split into two teams (MAGICALLY selected by Jeff's space phone- there is a website for everything, you know) 

Pop 5

Here are some examples (THIEVED from JENNA) of the array of artists in the house: 
CELEBRITY:  "Carrot Top"
MEDIUM: Play Doh


CELEBRITIES:  "The Blue Man Group"
MEDIUM: (Purple) Sharpie and paper

The B-MAN pic was mine.  Sadly I do not have the same (or even remnants of) what Corey has for artistic abilities.  The sad face in the front is supposed to symbolize ME watching the B-man Group perform.  I HATE the BMG, and thought that was a slick hint.

Party Playas

The beautiful (somewhat newly) MRS. I 

Then last night it was ANOTHER fun night with Fio and Ro.
We ordered BIG SLICE from St Clair (addictive) and hung out by the fire log.

Sadly we wont be spending NYE with those two (almost 3!).  So we figured a pre-NYE night was imperative :)

And now.... the countdown begins.  Looking forward to some FREIXNET and Mexican Food with my love, and of course that midnight kiss.  I'm thinking about slipping him the tongue tonight.

I hit the liquor store early to avoid the lines.  Smartest thing I've done all day.

Quick! Liquor Store closed soon!

The cat sees the fridge and sings the NO song:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 xmas

Well it wasn't so much a WHITE Xmas but it was great one all the same. We got away for 5 nights this year.

The night before we left was my LAST DAY of work until the New Year and I was doing this:

Work Xmas get-together.....
Needless to say I was a wee tired but in decent form, nonetheless.

C and I got up to his parents on Thursday Dec 22nd and stayed until Xmas morning.
We then made the trek an hour north to my moms and stayed 2 more nights. We had an amazing young lady cat sitting our hairy son so we needn't worry about him.

I got my very own stocking at the McG house this year- with my name sewn into it and everything!

Corey made Lil Kel and Rob their very own "personalized" treats! Awww and EW!

Those slippers emulated RALPHIE

Awww sweet buds

Mom and Kel say winking wearing glasses = major fail

"THE TREE"- usually crooked and sometimes known to my mother as a giant asshole (like the year it fell down with all moms glass decorations on it).  Its always a little different- but somehow a reincarnation of the last tree, year after year.

Cheers!  This was our 6th Xmas as a couple. I guess because we got together just before the holidays back in 2006. 
I still love the crazy bastard as much as I ever have.