Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bark to the meow

Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes... by Stan_Kirby

Boats and Babies Bellies

Mom LOVED her gift.  I realized this year was the 50th Anniversary of her father's death which made it a very suiting time to give her this little keepsake.

She cried. I cried.  The end.

And and BTW we adopted a baby.

Just kidding- that's our lovely girl Baby Daliza.  Borrowed from mommy Tiffany for this picture back on Canada Day!  Don't we look like a sweet family?

Friday, July 15, 2011



The Boat cruise was a success.

Sing this post to that SNL song- GO!

on our way to the never thinking we'd be on a boat

never thought we glow on a boat

never thought i'd take a token "Toronto-CN Tower pic" on a boat

Never thought we all would on a boat

Never thought I'd drink on a boat

Never thought we'd smoke on a boat

Never thought there would be peace? (Victory?) on a boat

Never thought I'd do Jagerbombs with HR on a boat

Never thought we'd laugh on a boat

Never thought I would fail at trying to be sultry on a boat

Never thought this good time would be this good (OBVI) on a boat


Thursday, July 14, 2011


hopefully my view tonight

Work is taking us all on a boat cruise!

We are all wearing white!

So slimming!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

R.I.P -THE EXCUSE (A post dedicated to the Eagans)

THE EXCUSE- 1976 - 2011

I have just been informed that the boat we sailed on on our trip to Halifax unfortunately tragically went up in flames and sank yesterday.  

The family who owned this boat are WONDERFUL, generous people and my heart goes out to them all.

Hang in there Captain Phil.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trial and Tribulations of a (zer) back

Yesterday my back decided to give out.  What was I doing?  Well, walking down the hallways at work, of course.  It comes out of nowhere.  One time all it took was a sneeze and KAPUTZ out goes the (zer)back.

I pretty much felt like an 80 year old woman which I suppose goes hand in hand with my raging love for Jeopardy and Grape Nuts.

Today it is feeling much better, just  a wee bit tender.  I don't know whom to thank for that fact but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Sometimes this back thang can last days and days.  That's days and days of not being able to stand up straight.  That's days and days of shooting pains down your legs.
One day- I can deal with.

I am working from home today.  I was offered the whole week to chill here but as I just mentioned to my boss, the cat is not a great conversationalist.  The Zerbinator requires stimulation.  I would get so bored on my own for too too long.

I have been a bad blogger.  BAD blogger.  What has been going on?  Lots, I guess.

Halifax was almost a month ago and I am still waiting for my grandpa's records.  Damn you Postal Strike!
As long as it gets here within the next couple of weeks I am fine- as I will see my mom around then and NEED NEED NEED TO SURPRISE HER.

Speaking of Halifax, let's play a game.  Who can guess which photo below was NOT taken on a disposable camera?

This weekend past was Toronto's Pride Parade, which I attended with the lovely Jenna.
We met up with Kyle and pals too.  Cue me-stealing-Jenna's-facebook-photos... NOW:

Oh yeah, and we also had some visitors this weekend- Lil Kel and Robbie.....

No shots of Brother Robbie even though he LOVES getting his picture taken.

That's outside of MENCHIES- the frozen yogurt place that opened next to Kilgours that we made fun of for months because they opened just before the winter and we thought who the HELL wants frozen yogurt at THIS time???
The answer: Many, Many people.  The place has been packed ever since.  I have yet to step foot inside (lack of a sweet tooth), but thought after a liter of wine next door this was appropriate:

More summer fun ahead.  This weekend in KW.  Some very missed people there i MUST hang with.

More to come.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday J!

Our sweet little buddy turns 3 today.

Just look at how he's grown.

Tonight- he feasts on WET FOOD.

Enjoy lil buddy.