Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to my house

Above our couch- C dawg's fine art. He gave it to me as a gift when we first started dating...

On the shelf which C built- our collection of old cameraz...

Also on the shelf- miscellaneous shit. Including a Storm Trooper riding a horse, of course...

Ah, my Good Ol' tribute to the King. Got this for a mere pennies (75 of 'em) at a garage sale- thanks only to my Bro-In-Law, Rob- the bargainer extraordinare!

That is all. Now the Cat who sat on the (bath) mat:

MEOW, off to TRIVIA at the Duke of G

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Llamas no longer on the loose after late-night stroll in High Park

Picture courtesy of Kyle- AKA theguywhoneverblogsanymore

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oh my!

My ol Pal Metal Mike just mentioned me on his radio show-

Name Anagram

Corey's best Name anagram is


The Monday of all Tuesdays

Today is Tuesday. but since I has yesterday off to frolic with Niki on the island- it sure does feel like a Monday.

It can only get better.
Corey's old pal Becky is staying with us this eve- so that's a start ;)

The weekend was a nice one. Went to BOLTS for the Spanish-Mexican theme party... There were a few costumes....

My sister (middle) decided to dress as a "stoner" instead .

GUAT pants, OMG!

and some snacks....

mmm mini bean burritos. FOund out that the "mini" just means I can eat more of them :)

Oh yes, and who can forget the Pinata!

Candy in the yard!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What Equals a good day

Day off + Niki + Toronto Island...

that is all

Friday, August 21, 2009

Best weekend ever (?)

The next few days RULE. Today, first of all- is Friday. And at my place of work we have a little something called Summer Hours. I am out of here at 2:30 today!

Tomorrow myself, Corey and Kathryn pile into Bron's vehicle (Thanks BRON!) and head to K-W town.

My bff just got back from England after a year of Art School. here she is-

Can't even wait to see her....

And the bestest part is she will be riding home with us as I am kidnapping her for two days.

I took Monday off- and we are going to paint this little town RED.. and blue and yellow etc.

This weekend is also when I get to see my favorite people at THIS ONE's house party.

My sister will be rocking it out-

And so will this one who I NEVA NEVA NEVA see :(
(Back off men - she is taken!)

And we are bringing the newlyweds!

The party on Saturday is a Spanish Mexican theme, so of course I am making antijitoes. Those little delicious cream cheese and jalepeno-filled bastards!

Ok, I must run. I have to see if someone will trim these disgusting ends off my mane today.




Ok so NO I'm not engaged to be married.

BUT IF I was to get married I wonder if C dawg would have a problem having this song as our first dance???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

F off strangers!

How many times per day do you say "asshole, "wheatbag" or "retard" under your breath to strangers? (Ok maybe not "wheatbag"...)

I find I do it a lot. Like a lot A LOT.

If not under my breath, than in my head at least.

Am I turning into a completely bitter woman in my old age?

Or are people just far more annoying than they used to be???

Monday, August 17, 2009

He Pants!

No A/C and no sleep makes KZ a dull gal. ...

Listen people, I am well aware that our summer here in Southern Ontario feels like it is just beginning BUT when you have no Air Conditioning in an apartment KNOWN to be
scorching in January- It's a bit much for ol' KZ to handle.

C and I got some relief from the heat yesterday. We rode down with the intent of hitting Toronto Island to soak up some ray- and most importantly get into the water.
Upon arriving there was a crowd of people so large- there was absolutely no way I could imagine us waiting.

So, with C's quick thinking- next thing I know he had whisked me away in a Taxi headed East.
We ended our journey at Cherry beach where we spent the afternoon swimming our lil' bums off :)

We get our A/C tomorrow! Thanks to the lovelies NINA and Aly for buying and moving into a new condo where there is no need for the ol' A/C!

Oh and Just a reminder not to leave your loved one in your blistering hot cars in this kind-a-heat!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Storms, Great Aunt's Biscuits & Baby Crazy!


Wow there were some storms this weekend.

C and I were up in Port Elgin and there the storm arrived about 9am, Sunday. It sounded like the end of the world. We were sleeping in his parent's loft-like space.
C woke up and re-positioned himself the opposite direction on the bed- so that he could view the storm through the overhead sky-light.

I live the little "kid" things my man does. *gushes*

We heard thunder as loud as if the sky itself was falling! We saw lightening as bright as a thousand suns!
We even heard some hail pinging off the skylight- but upon searching the grounds once the storm had passed- it seems they were too tiny to stick around.

Great Aunt's Biscuits:

We were up north visiting C's rents, and attended his Family Reunion.

There were cousins , uncles etc. who KNOW MY FAMILY.
Basically, C's great aunt and my great aunt resided their whole lives in the same neck of the woods, near Lion's Head in the Bruce Peninsula. They shared the same birthday and Birth year.

A could years ago they each celebrated their 90th Birthdays at their respected homes. Certain guests from one party would leave and travel to the other's celebration. They knew some of the same people.
My mother has a biscuit recipe she's been using all her life. This very recipe originally came from Corey's aunt Marion.
So, as a child on Xmas- I was eating these same biscuits that a young C-dawg could also have been munching on while visiting his aunt's family.

Small World.

My great aunt passed away last year. This was my first time meeting much of C's extended family. When I told Aunt Marion that Marg was my great Aunt- her eyes lit up. "She was my TWIN" she said with a giant smile.

Baby Crazy:

Now onto my family. I have two step sisters (Mom's husband's girls).
They EACH have 4 children.
When My sister Kel and I are at mom's house we play a game- "Name that Kid"
We don't do so well. How could we when we have yet to meet over half of these children? There's not enough room in mom and Pete's house for them all to visit at once- so they have to take turns.

It was announced a few months ago that one is pregnant... again.
I always joked that the two sister's were in a "race for babies"
I spoke to my mother recently--THE OTHER ONE is also now pregnant.

"Race for babies" confirmed!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A sad day in the movie world, I must say.
John Hughes had the ability to lift my spirits any time.

Feel down? Throw Uncle Buck into the old player- We'll see how long that frown hangs around.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


THIS GUY was visiting this past weekend.
On Sunday, we started drinking beer at 2pm. Headed downtown to a friend's bar and then got headed westward and were pulled into the Rivoili due to the sound of terrible singing (which meant Karaoke) coming from the speakers.

I think I sang White Rabbit.
ohhh man.

M lost his Blackberry that night.
Poopy bum- times, too- cuz he had to skip back to Medicine Hat Monday morning sans BB :(

This coming weekend is my home-made long weekend. I have Friday off and C and I are headed to Port Elgin to see his parents.
This also happens to be the big-ass family reunion. The "MacKenzie Picnic".
I get to meet family that Corey didn't even remember know he had!!!

CD and I have decided that we need to rock the living shit out of the remainder of Summer 09. It has been flying by. I can;'t deal with it being August right now.
September- you've got big shoes to fill.