Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Listen man in ugly car.
I know I have "nice titties" but you really aren't doing me or yourself any favors when you feel the need to TELL me this.
P.S. I was wearing a goddamned Sweater Vest, for Chrissakes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Echo and Pam... I mean Pam and Echo.

I haven't seen my old roomie for a dog's age. I swears.
But in just about an hour we'll be beerin and gabbin in the Annex somewhere.

I miss you, Pam!

And I miss ECHO, too.


Friday, July 18, 2008


ASIF there was a shooting in our hood.

AS... IF.

Right in front of the Cafe I worked at for years.

On the very street we walk daily.

Ugh guns...



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're goin'... to an Island....

We went to Toronto Island on Sunday with the sister and friends. We got DAY PASSES at Centreville.

Here's us riding far far far above everything in the SKYWALK or SKYRIDE or whatever....

And here's a goat atop a lil' barn:

And here;s the cat that lives in our building we call HERSHEY and want for our own:

All for now- I have to go home, make a boccocini salad and get our asses over to STANA'S place in the Beach.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

C P Righteous!

Alright so everyone can remain calm... for the rest of eternity.


Choking on a chicken bone?

Heart Attack?

Girl Friend cut your dong off?

I can help!

(welll maybe nnot so much the last one...)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Soooo I'm assisting a woman on LIVECHAT today at work named Grace....
And I Just Can't Stop thinking about Jeffrey Jones in his role as Ferris Bueller's principal........


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waitin' for my man

I was at work til 8:30 this evening. I get home and C is nowhere to be found. Poor dood has been working long-ass hours this week. And now I hear he aint close to finishing yet. DAMN YOU KINDER EGGS.---> the commercial he's currently working on.

There's 12 Heiny's in the fridge, some smoke in the pipe, a game of Boggle sitting on the table, but no sweetheart to indulge with :(

Tomorrow is Friday. Thanks the heavens! I work a super shoprt day from 8-2, and then I hear theres beers to be drank on King Street with the work crew. Hopefully C's not too late tomorrow night as well.

Saturday night we are entertaining my sister, and two friends.
I must stock the apt with Perrier, lots and lots af cheese, and of course, some bubbly.
Girls night out + C = Fun.
Anyone on for a good ass time is invited to ours for said cheese and bubbles.
Then we are prolly hitting the Dakota to see a pal of C's play and finally hit...
"SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHER" at Clintons were we can:

A) Laugh at the young hipster-wannabes
B) Cheer as my sister runs to the front of the stage to dance (*its like shes at a concert)
C) Duuuh- shake out freaking tails, i guess
D) Possibly make something delicious at home afterward

Can't wait!
Yessss sister time!

It's in the eyes;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Not only is my boyfriend one of the most talented artists I know- but my BFF nicole has been flourishing into one of my new favorite artists as well.

Seriously- check this out:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday night's alright

C and I have invested our fair-share of time into the marvel which is The Bachelorette, Season Eleven... so this evening- whilest I wait for him to get home from a long-ass day on the jorb, I am prepearing us a nice night in with Mr. Teevee. I am even cooking---- on one of the hotest days of the year (so far)---- by the way.

I cant believe I have the oven on. "David Suzuki?"

I am preparing fried cod, some rice, an arugula salad and the best part- STUFFED MUSHROOMS with balsamic tomatoes and MELTED SWISS CHEESE.
Sometimes my mind just wanders while grocery shopping. i think it'll be pretty much awesome.

To go along with these festivities, My good buddy "White-Cold-Daddy" -AKA the Fridge- is providing Coronas, and some white wine as well- should the mood arise.

I'm thinkin' we can play a wee drinking game as well. How about everytime Deanna says "Ya'll" we drink?

(Two hour episode much?
We'll be pissed by bedtime!)

Annnnd, on a 90210 note:
As If that Megan Fox girl (????) DUMPED Brian Austin Green.
I guess she never caught him doing the running man circa 1991.

That white boy can MOVE.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I am so stuck in 2002-03

as if i just bought this.

If you had to.....

...would YOU rather look like the runaway bride....

or have your KID look like the Chris Farley Kid?


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to the summer of... spring?

  • Nice flowers, bushes, trees etc.
  • I have a nice pair of galoshes
  • Wet teeshirt contest? I be a winner.

  • Hot only when humid due to oncoming rain.
  • Too cool to swim (for beach bum C)
  • Dreary site from 10th floor most days

In other news, I FINALLY got my tax return and need to shop. Who's in?
COME ON! I'll buy you a sweatervest or something if you come with.

The long weekend was a great time. We spent two days with my fam and two with C's.
Both of which we attended a small town AUCTION with.

First one with my fam-damily was in Pike Bay. Everything from an old glass dish to a Corvette went up.
The auctioneer was fat and fast-talkin'.

The next, with C's fam- was in Port Elgin. Ok I shit you not, the were putting up "bundles" of stuff. Starting the bid high and going low low low ($1).
Some examples of stuff they were selling:
  • A bottle of bleach, with some old safety pins and a box of reader's digest magazines- didn't sell
  • A bed, a char and a lamp- didn't sell
  • An old chair, some kid-shit (toys etc)- I think it sold for $1

We hit the Sangria at moms, and the beach at Corey's.
Good times all around , and a sweeeeet three day work week!