Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slán go fóill, Maeve

Until recent years (late 20's) I was never much of a "reader".  In fact I read exclusively magazines. Usually trash at that:

Even back in school- I would never pick up a book unless it was assigned to me for English class.  And even then I would sometimes end up just skimming over the surface, my ADHD getting the best of me. 

However, there was a particular book I quite enjoyed.  I t is possible I read Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy about 2 dozen times in high school alone….  Unusual for a non-book type.

Now, I do realize that whilest in high school the aforementioned movie also came out.  And my crushes on both Minnie Driver and Chris Donnelly (equally) may have helped to facilitate this allure slightly.

Back to Maeve.  Throughout the years, particularity in the past 8 or so, I have picked up more and more MB books.  She has been my “go-to”, some would say.  On road trips I could be sure to find one of her books in a local goodwill store or yard sale.

Her stories were mainly depictions of small-town Irish life, and the struggles of her characters both in love and in life.  

Her own life was a love story all its own. I have noticed in reading her work that many of her books are dedicated to her husband, whom she married in 1977.  You open up a MB novel and surely you will see the likes of:
'To dear generous Gordon' 
'To Gordon Snell, who has made my life so good and so happy...
'To my dear love Gordon Snell'

Her thoughts on her husband as per the Maeve Binchy website?
"I met Gordon Snell, a writer, a man I loved and he loved me and we got married and it was great and is still great. He believed I could do anything, just as my parents had believed all those years ago ..."

What can I say? I am a sucker for the L word.

Her novels contained their fair amount of love and drama but more than anything- her characters and stories were very.... humanRelatable, even when the story was set in another continent, during a war I'd never experienced.

I feel that without Maeve perhaps my transformation into a “reader” may not have happened.  Well perhaps I shouldn't be SO dramatic-- but her tranquil stories that I look forward to getting home to dive into- has certainly guided my way.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Sunday Imaginable

Yesterday RULED. If everyday could be like it was- no doubt I would be a happier, healthier woman.

It began in the AM freshly showered and riding my bicycle DOWNHILL to Trinity-Bellwoods park where Jenna and I (and 100 others) participated in Yoga in the Park.

After a good stretchin' we hippity-hopped on our bikes and met up with the OTHER KZ at BODY BLITZ spa.  While there we enjoyed the following luxuries:
  • Dead Sea salt pool
  • Hot green tea poolC
  • Cold plunging pool
  • Aromatherapy steam room (think sitting in a world made of VICKS)
  • Infrared sauna
The hot rooms above were followed with the cold plunge pool.  Yikes / Wow.  Amazeballs. 

We followed up the "water park" with Therapeutic messages.  One glorious hour of someone rubbing and working my sole ol' muscles.

So, as per the above, it was pretty much BLISS.

But the day did not end there.  After the ladies and I enjoyed some lunch grub at Shanghai Cowgirl (triple decker grilled cheese, please), I biked up to meet the love of my life for a coupla' beers and went home and ate TASTY BITES.

So as you can see?  Pretty much the best. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Vacation!

I had the opportunity to take a few days off and enjoy Summer 2012.  I have been off since last Friday and I STILL have a nice long weekend ahead of me back in Toronto.

We began our travels on Saturday- myself and Cdawg, Bolt and Niki.  
We got to the beautiful Bruce Peninsula and of course HAD to go see WILLIE EMERGING for a quick photo-op:


We headed north from Wiarton and arrived just in time for some pre-dinner cocktails, and then dinner at my moms.  Pete made homemade, fried Bass.  De-friggin-licious.   

There have been some moments as of late where I feel maybe I will once again give up fish in my diet (not sure how "right" abot it I feel).  Let me tell you PETE'S BASS was not one of those times.  So.  Good.  

Mom also made (my fav) Spinach Lasagna and we ate like kings.

We then headed back to our sleeping abode (Grammas old house) and had a wee fire.

Also on the agenda was a trip next door to visit Mo.

I have talked about MO before here.  Well Mo's pen has some new additions!  A Jenny and a Baby!

BOLT had to leave us the next day but Lil Kel, Tiffy and Baby D joined us on Sunday for Canada Day.

We hot hit the beach and put a pringle on Lil Kels bum while she rested HOPING, PRAYING that a shithawk may land and take it away:

No such luck though. :(

In the evening we had another nice dinner and THEN
We had a reaaaal big fire!

On Monday we headed toward Port Elgin to see C Dawgs family.  Gladly, we stopped by the Saugeen First Nations Amphitheater on the way to stretch our legs.
This place was so lovely and serene. 

Someone get married there so I can go back

Once we arrived and showed NIKI around the Port (equals poutine and ice cream at the beach) we bid adieu to Niki and spent 3 wonderful days in the Port.

C dawgs sister Tracey and the kiddies came up as well.  There was beach time a-plenty, and a very necessary visit with Clint and Maggie`s fam.  I HEART Clint and Maggie. Such goodness going on there.  Also I want their house.  And their humungo yard..... I`ll take the hammock

During our time in Port Elgin we ate some good food, had some good visits, but my very favorite would have to be riding around the town on these pretty ancient bicycyles like a pair of teenagers.


It is so wonderful to get away ....  But there is something JUST as sweet as coming home.

Especially to a tuxedo cat (who was well taken care of during our absence) rubbing his lil` head against my feets and legs.