Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seems I "cried Wolf"

I always always always bitch and complain about how hot our office is- especially in our section.

Yesterday the A/C was on the fritz, which in turn made me sweat and bitch more.

Today it is fully restored as I've never felt it before.

To put it lightly my headlights are on and it is Freeeeezing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm all Growns- Up

I just booked C and I a hotel for next next weekend.
We are in Belleville for a friend's wedding.

I am such a grown up, I feel. I think its is the first hotel we are staying at together. wowzers.

This LOOONG weekend, we are heading North to see my mom and Pete. They even booked a separate cottage so my sis and Rob can bring their dog, Lennie.

This past weekend was great.

Fio and Ro's housewarming on Friday and then off to London on Sat for wedding number umph-teen, Corey's cuz.

I knew a girl there. She worked with some pals of mine in the Restaurant biz in KW. She actually married one of C's other cousins. and she's 25. Weird. 25 year olds are married and I'm excited about booking a hotel room on my credit card.

Our visit at the wedding with C's fam was very nice, followed by some drinks and a million cigarettes with A my moms' old neighbor, Agnes.

The drive in the rental was super. Kicking back and listening to the radio with my sweetheart was oh-so-nice.

On the way home we spotted an adidas outlet, flew off the403 and were presented with a lineup (outside and baby- it was HOT). We finally got in and spent $70 in total, on:
  • Brown (small) duffel bag
  • Black (small) Duffel bag
  • Golf shirt for C- black
  • Golf shirt for C- blue
  • 2 pairs of socks
Good deals.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Winners / Losers

Long Weekend last......
Ginn cottage...


Had THE BEST meal last night.

President's Choice Meatless- meatballs are seriously delicious. Flava-ful.

We accompnies this with some weird fresh lookin' pasta that C picked up.

He paid like4 bucks for it. But I really do think it was better.

Back to the balls......

My pal Niki's g-ma makes these insanely good Veggie-balls. She's an Italian cook and knows what shes doing in the kitchen.

Although her balls far outweigh almost anything I have even eaten in my life- and there really is no "substitute", President's Choice must have some Italian G-ma who can cook for her Vegetarian granddaughter + friends in their team SOMEWHERE----

Cus like I said they are delicious.

Best Fake Meat- EVER.

We had a quick beer after work at K.G's (I know... again), ran into a certain drummer / bike courier who was between paycheques.

We let him go with a 50 in his belly and some green in his pocket.

He says "Oh my god- You guys LOVE me, Don't know"
I correct him. "We LIKE you, Paul... LIKE"

Anyways he always says we're his favorite couplke, wants us to have beautiful childrens together etc. etc. (not likely)

I think that deserves a beer and some smoke.

This eve is Fio and Ro's official house warming.

Well not exactly, just a few TO peeps coming over. I am in snack mode.

What should I make?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oyster time

I'm not sure exactly what alternate universe we stepped into on Bloor street last night- but one of our local's (K.G's) was serving the freshest of Oysters (brought in from RODNEYS), and Tankhouse ale (from the Milll St. Brewery).... FOR FREE.

We first met up with Fio and Ro, and were later greeted by C's pals from work, Mika (sp?) and Chuck.... We had a lovely time. Fio and Ro left early so they missed out on the beauty which is the oyster, but the four of us remaining --we got to fill our little belly's with them.

Ch and M cornered me while C was up for round two of those delicious bastards, and did the ol' "Since you and C meet, he;s changed, and it's great. You two seems so great together- blah blah blah"

You know how much that means to the ol' Zerbinator? Alot.

Oh, blissssssssss. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dood- Post #99!

I keep hitting my knobby knees on the bottom of my desk!
I'm a gonna bruise for sure.

Weekend- Good times- Went to KW on Friday after work to bid my farewell- once again to Ms. Niki, Artist Extraordinaire.
Left yesterday for Brighton, England to poursue a full year in Fine Arts.

Good Luck NIKI- We'll all miss you!
Please don't come home pregnant! ;0

I has the best ever GREYHOUND bus experience this weekend. I gots to take the bus to the Loo with my ol' pal Livia and we gabbed it up and giggled for a solid hour and forty-five minutes.... then my bus ride home I was sat next to a charming young man named DAVID.
He just moved to the T dot from Vancouver, teaches Yoga and is fabulous. I must call the boy soon and grab a beer. What good times we had on that lil' bus trip!

C worked allllllll weekend, but we found a bit of time to chillax on Saturday and Sunday nights.
Lots of nice time.

Oh f!
I just got an email from my sister. Our friend's little bro was stabbed in Alberta on the weekend.
I need information!
Apparently he's in stable condition now but was stabbed in the spleen. His girlfriend may have also been attacked. Oh jesus.
On that note- I gotta go.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spring / Summer highlights

Speaking of highlights- I gots some coppery blonde streakage going on in my hair right now. I was DUE for some new hair. Feel's good to have some actual shape and shit... Pic will be coming. Nina must have taken some last night at her 25TH BDAY-
but the night was a wee bit overshadowed due to the fact that a guy at her party (who she grew up with in Thunder Bay) had a pretty scary diabetic-seisure-like attack.
Good thing both Nina and I are certified first aiders. We finally has our time to shine by fetching sugar water for the poor bastard. He got better- and all was fine. Phew!

Back to the years highlights of this season-
Up north at mom and Pete's- this was at and after a party down the road where there were many drunkard women / men and their dogs- and we topped off the night when we rode on the back of Pete's pick up!

Oh my handsome man-Aaaand his beauty-

Wedding # 1....... I think (there still 2 more coming!)
Insert Happy Family Patriotic pics here: We fancied up mom and Pete's place with cheesy deco- including this flag-

And this past weekend at the cottage. Corey thought he could easily rock this dock to the point where I fell of- and he'd be king of the castle. Unfortunately for him, his plan faultered and he slipped off- scrapping the shit out of his leg (the wound actually resembles the wood-grain)-