Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello friends.

My feet got wet this morning and now I am freezing.
The sun has since come out, but I am wearing a scarf at my desk, shivering away.

I made it out at lunch and got a CRAZY AMAZING beet salad from ZOES.
You should SEE this thing. It's well, as I stated earlier- CRAZY AMAZING.
I also got their Boccocini /Tomato sandwich because I am hopelessly addicted to it.

Last night I took my sweet sweet man to the LEAFS game. It was a great game. Lots of scoring. Unfortunately for us (but fortunate for the Buffalo-cheering-Yankee-broad beside me)- we lost by one measly goal.
It was great being there though. My first ever hockey game.
We both put back two of those ridiculously large (and expensive) beers, and one medium beer each.

I texted a photo of us at the game to ALI- you know-- to brag that I am cool and at a sporting event-- and she texts me back with a picture of her and Jogee..... seated
two sections closer to the ice.

Got to have a quick visit with those two after the game... and watch the most ridiculous of men
BOYS fight like a bunch of fucking wheatbags outside. (I'm a lover, NOT a fighter)

Hmmm what else? In an often failed attempt to stop biting my fingernails (It has been my "New Years Resolution... for 19 years now) I painted those suckers PINK. I figure When I feel the urge to go crazy on them- it would distract me.

Wish a girl some luck, here. I would really like to change this years Resolution to something less..... well redundant.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I could NOT help myself.

I am in love.


Just found this oldie-but-a-goodie on a friend's facebook page.

How crazy do my legs look?

Also C dawg looks hilarious outside the ORIENTAL MASSAGE with us ladies.


Monday, September 21, 2009

together again

OH..... MY........ GOD.

In 40 minutes I will be in the presence of Ms. Becca (90210 wearing kid above).
This picture was from... oh let's see- 1996?

We have not seen each other is over a decade.

In high school we were the BUSH BANDITS. We jumped
in perfectly manicured bushes......
Then, to let the neighborhood that we were on the prowl, we then did something else I can never disclose.

I am meeting her on Bloor street for some good times.
So exciting.

Bruce Penn

Myself,C dawg, Lil' Kel and
THESE guys-
(Ilana and Cam)---- headed northbound to Pike Bay to visit MOM
And Pete:

Rebel Cameron kicked down a NO TRESPASSING sign at the Rocks....
C dawg found a froggie:

And ACTUALLY dipped his body into the coldest water of all time:
Ok so as well as all that fun- we also headed to the local store to have this THREE dollar lunch.
Iced Tea, Hotdog, Fries AND a rainbow cupcake.
Cheapy Cheapy:

During lunch, the boys decided to get engaged. Although Cameron JUST tied the know a month ago- he was into it. SHOCKED (see his face?) but into it all the same. He even sported a tie for the occasion:

I've never seen C dawg happier. Ilana and I are both happy for the new couple and decided we may dyke it out at some point..... dependent on how long our young men keep this up.

We hit the WIARTON FALL FAIR on Saturday. There was a wee pet show / contest:

Witch Cat:
Madeline the outback dog:
And of course, Hockey dog- whom we loved in the begining-- but was entered in every sinlge contest.
At first the "Looks most like Owner" (with Hockey KID) category was a sure win, buit we also saw him in "OLDEST DOG" category.

The dog was 6, man.... 6!

Oh and here's Hockey Dog's main competitor, "Country Dog"?:

All in all a great weekend. We had a huge fire on my gramma's property (a garbage fire mainly- "go toxic shit!")

Heard some coyotes howling- and SWEAR- I saw one. He walked / scampered sideways. I did a great impression of this scampering movement. It was a hit.

Hmmm what else? Well, A GREAT group of people this weekend overall- we missed bro-in-law Rob, who had his boyz weekend at the cottage instead :(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my friend's pup

See the cutest dog graduate from puppy school-

Also the sweet wife of my pal at work's photog site....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He's like the wind

As a child product of the 80's I am not going to pretend that Patrick Swayze's death has not affected me.
He was Johnny, afterall.

Like many other girls my age I absolutely loved the movie Dirty Dancing. Jennfer Grey was pretty, but had a funny nose- like me!
Her real name in the film was Francis. As we know- everyone referred to her as "Baby".

I had a Cabbage Patch Kid who came with the name Francis. I sent back the adoption forms in order to "legally" change Francis' name to..... you guessed it- "Baby".

To remember the Swayze in all his glory- ridiculously-sized mullet and all- here's him alongside another man who's untimely death affected me. Enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby. Baby, Let me Poop on it

I was in Sketchener this weekend staying with Lil' Kel and Bro-Rob ("HI blog reader ROB!").

We went to a smoked meat party at an ol' friend's place. This guy- Junior- plays a mean harp and has award winning chops.
Now he can cook up some mean meat in the comfort of his own GIGANTIC backyard....

"A man and his smoker"

He was smoking up a freaking storm! He even had smoked TOFU.

There was Blue's Music and dogs EVERYWHERE. Pretty much a great buzz for this girl, but we had other plans so our visit there was quick.

We had a gal's night in with Lil' Kel's crew and my pals NIKI and JEN G came out as well. We drank some wine / beers and sat outside enjoying this WONDERFUL weather we've been having....

Oh and I got a song in everyone's heads. Sing THIS to the tune of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light":

"Oh let me poop on it.
Baby, Baby
Let me poop on it.
Well Let me poop on it,
I'll give you an answer in the moooo-rnin'"

It was an instant hit.

We stayed up far too late because we had to be up and at 'em at 8am the next day for Lil' Kels'..............

"Woot! GO Cameron. Hit that ball and shit!"

"Same to you, Wifey!"

We all agreed that no one holds / swings a bat quite like my sister.

My bro-in-law, Rob liked to watch Lil' Kel run the bases.
I call that pic "Go jugs go!"

"On the bench"

(though i did play Back Catcher for one WHOLE inning.)

I look like a Pirate-Spectator.
The sun was in my eyes... YAR!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last week we broke out the Ol' 80's Headbands game-

Raised the roof with Ali and Hay...

Oh yeah, and then things got crazy, I wore my skirt like a dress, and fell into what appears to be a wall.

The End.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Alicia is Michael Jackson

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Air Show over Toronto

See those little, tiny specks in the sky?

Come on! Squint if you must. They're up there!

It appears to be a practice run for an air show.

In the top floor of this here building- it's pretty fucking loud.
And scary.
Don't people often die at these dealies??