Tuesday, March 20, 2012

War Horse NOT Snore Horse

What a better way to celebrate St. Patty's day then going to see WAR HORSE (the play).

Corey and I headed down towards Princess of Wales Theater Saturday evening to begin our night with some snicky-snacks at BIG DADDYS on King.  Clam chowder, Calamari, Mussels.  Oh how I love those bugs of the sea!

On the way down, the subway operator felt it necessary to remind this fine city's commuters NOT to relieve themselves on the subway platforms....  EVEN at stations where no public washrooms exist.

Seems reasonable enough you would think??

Ok back to the horse-

The puppetry was incredible. In a few words I would say this show was ...
Original. Exciting. Emotional. 
I teared up but did not full out cry.  Which is very impressive for a Gilbert Girl.

We both loved it.  Thanks to my wonderful Sis-In-Law (well not in LAW so much) for getting us these tickets :)

It also made me realize that I need to get out more.

Not to say that KILGOURS lacks incredible amounts of... culture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Plea for relief

Dear You,

Well,  Sciatica strikes again and this time it's sticking around a little longer than usual.  I hate to say but this time I think it came about from me carrying groceries etc. home on Saturday.  The embarrassing part- the etc. in question here is a BOX of wine.

Oh my.

I just long for the days of being able to stand / sit up straight and walk around with ease.  Nevermind the fact that I am missing my pilates / yoga sessions like mad.

Currently I am walking around the apartment slouched over like Sofia Petrillo and my best pal is our heating pad.

Even the cat is bored with me, option not to hang out with me on the rare occasion that I am home all day, but instead burying himself under the quilt on our bed.  In a completely separate room.

Maybe a movie is in the cards today.  I usually take these times to watch a movie that Corey wouldn't necessary be into- thus allowing myself to indulge in sappy dramas and rom-com disasters.

Please say there's better out there on Roger On Demand today.  Yesterday's Woody Allen flick (Midnight in Paris) was an absolute flop.

I'm beginning to get a little bored of myself.  Which is quite ridiculous as we all know how fascinating I really am.


Love, Me.
And that, my lovelies, is something that really GRINDS MY GEARS