Wednesday, July 28, 2010

to grandmother's house we go

Our weekend Abode (AKA Gramma'sHouse)-

Our (well... Tiffy's) bundle of joy-

the MIDDLE one...

Our furry friends-

The weekend was a huge success. The car rides there and back were... a little cramped BUT I only ALMOST got thrown up on (

Now for a walk down memory lane. Otherwise known as- the pictures donning the walls of gramma's place-

I was pretty cute- WHAT HAPPENED?? I mean I AM still cute... but, like when did my nose... change? It was oh-so-teeny tiny back then!

Lil' Kel looks spot on- the same. i am wishing I had a photograph of the bowl cut mom and dad gave her circa 1984 or so..... but since I don't here is a close replication-

And now in closing- it's JACK! The Jack Russell terrier I lived with (with NIKI) for the years before venturing to Toronto. I MISS THE LITTLE GUY.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend Mathematics

1 Krista + 1 Lil' Kel + 2 parents + (1 Tiffy + 1 baby + 2 Bichon Frises) =

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sly and the Family Stoner-face

Hey! I never said I was supermodel.

A couple of beers afterwork with my photog-pal Joel and voila!---KZ's got a new facebook profile picture!

I took off work this coming Friday and Monday. I realized that I NEVER TAKE A VACATION- so a nice long-ass weekend was called for.

Lil' Kel and I are gonna pack into the KIA and drive northbound to see our Marmie and Pete.

Ok, Ok so we won't be in a convertble. And i DEFINITELY won't be sitting on the left- in the driver's seat (rememeber- hitting a vehicle during road test = automatic fail)
...BUT we will be in a car and we will indubitably both be wearing oversized shades.

My sweet sweet baby has to work this weekend, next weekend, etc etc. but as soon as he is over this hump (giggle giggle) we together will be heading back up north.

Summer is half over. I need to DO STUFF!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can I just say.....

that the Calgary Stampede is fucking evil?

6 bloody horses dead? wtf?

Is it just me, or is this just heartbreaking?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Need A Laugh?

Check out the newest blog craze- lol with me!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last week Jenna found it out.

Aaaaaaaaaaand SCENE!

I got runned over

Yesterday at lunch I got ran over by a biker.
I am not a rage-a-holic AGAINST bikers- I own a bike and ride it and it GRINDS MY GEARS when cars are assholes and pay no attention to bikers etc etc.

It was my bad. I stepped out into the road- and truth is I TOTALLY didn't see him.

I was very apologetic. He did not fall off the bike- we just kinda... collided.
His petal- my shin.

So anyways, blood running down my leg- I am now back in the office waiting for the elevator when BIKER follows me in and berates me.

This was then followed by me crying (PMS) at my desk for an hour. And the worst part of this bad-day story?



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ummmmm 3 weeks of my life

I have been THE WORST blogger EVER.
Last post June 25th, much???

Ok Ok so really, I have been somewhat busy.

Canada Day week- I took off work the Wednesday and the Friday to make it an extra long one- and myself, Corey, Lil' Kel and brother Rob drove up to Ottawa.
We stayed with Ilana and Cameron in their sha-weet apartment in Little Italy for 4 whole nights!

I have pictures NOW....




(to make Lil' Kel happy)

Our Ottawa days were pretty full. We headed into the core on Canada Day (holy fucking people EVERYWHERE), saw Owen Pallett play at a nice outdoor music fest where I saw my old pal DREA whom I miss dearly, and had some brews in the VIP tent.

Friday we had dinner with DAVE and KAREN at the WHALESBONE. This place is radder than rad, and it just so happens my pal DAVE is chefin' it up there.
C and I shared a delicious tuna dish as well as the 18 oyster plate. YUM.

We headed into Gatineau, QUE on Saturday and hit a nice National Park for lounging and swimming. The men swam to a nearby island & The gals laid around and read smut mags.

Lil' Kel was a genius and brought up some goodies for a picnic lunch from one of my KW indulgences, VINCENZO'S!!!

She brought the BOMB (hot spread), and their Artichoke Capinota. I swear to GAH- anytime you happen to be in Kitchener-Waterloo you have to go there and get a sandwich.....

The rest of the weekend consisted of playing Wii, watching fireworks in a nearby field, and finally- hanging with the doggie (Otis) and kitty (Oliver).

This past weekend I went out with work peeps to the CADILLAC LOUNGE on Friday night- and (of course) ended up singing my heart out at the Gladstone. Then it was off to KW for some quality time with NIKI and BOLT Saturday... afternoon and evening.
PROS- Good old gal pal time is THERAPY, for serious.
CONS- Saw a dead tabby at the side of a road and almost LOST my shit.

Sunday was a lovely afternoon. A Bridal Shower for Danika- hosted by the hottest maid-of-honor out there- Fiona.

I ate ALOT of cheese. The end.