Thursday, December 17, 2009

tonight's the night- exclamation mark

We are....


Thats' right. Our buddy-old-pal has YET TO SEE this-

Kattypants and the Broninator are coming over!

We make -a - pizza!

And watch a- the- movie!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's for dinner?

Too bad Ramsay is making "STEAK DIANE" tonight on his COOKING LIVE show tonight or I may have opted in and cooked along with the bastard.

Oh well, I'm sure C dawg and I can figure out something even more delicious.

MMmmmm Like Sandwiches of some kind ion our PANINI PRESS.

Must haves:

  • arugula
  • spiced mustard
  • fake meat
  • a tuxedo cat nearby

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks G!

nice night

Aw, my baby is soooo camera-shy!

Especially when wearing a gift-wrap-headpiece.

There we go... A nice shot. Except- wtf are my bangs up to here?
It's like the left bangs are in a battle with the right bangs.

This was my gift to C. Hommade card and inside that beautifully wrapped gift was SCRABBLE-FOLIO.
C had a serioulsy old school Travel Scrabble which recent broke :(
So I bought him the fancy new updated version that we can bring to Kilgour's in the summer to play on their patio....

Close by, and watching us like a hawk was Mr J.
This is his new favorite pose.

This is what I gots from C.
I swear to gawd if Dee-Lite had a pair of flannel pj's - these would be the ones.
They are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my body. Sooo soft inside and out!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Amazing Grace Techno - Computer Controlled Christmas Lights from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

Wet Feet / Warm Heart

Looking out our apt window this morning, I was well aware that it was a little wet outside. I decided to wear my regular boots, as apposed to getting out the Sorels. It is supposed to go up to 5 degrees, after all.

As soon as I stepped out onto Howland Ave, I realized that I was sorrily mistaken. The 8 minute walk to the subway was like trudging through a wading pool of slush. I have two giant soakers and wet jeans- Yuck!
.... thank god for the 9 pairs of shoes I keep (no shit!) under my desk in a box.

Not a very great start to my THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with C dawg.
OH well, This means it can (and certainly will) only get better :)

This evening will consist of a delicious homemade dinner Indian Food at home and let's face it- prolly some teevee.
What do we gots?
Well, for one GLEE is on. Ali's favorite new show! (hehe)
I don't know what it is, I mean I don't normally like musicals...

WAIT who am I kidding??? Grease Two is IN my top ten movies of all time. For reals.

Anywho for those who have not watched it, it is pretty decent. The overly-amplified characters and story lines make for a sure teevee addiction.

We've also got the Dragon's Den. A truly Canadian show featuring some well-off people most have never heard of giving away funds to entrepreneurs. One of this shows "Dragons" is Kevin O'Leary with whom C and I play the "MONEY" drinking game. (every time he says MONEY you drink....... he says money alot)

This evening there is something else I am sure we'll be tuning into.
The Maple Leafs are playing.
I don't often blog about this, but I AM a Leafs fan. There I said it. I guess it started three years ago when Corey stole my heart (and quite honestly- the remote control on occasion). I have really grown to enjoy the game- and the Leafs are the underdog who have not won a Stanley Cup since sometime in the 1800's. Ok, so I exaggerate a little.

Well I suppose a perfect evening is in place. I gots my man, my tuxedo cat and some good cuddle time on the couch.

love you hunny!
Happy Versa-annary!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girlz Night In

Last night was a blast and a half. Ali and Hayley were kind enough to have a chicks night in at their place which consisted of 5 ladies, the WOULD YOU RATHER board game, some happy juice, and stuff......

I can honestly say all said ladies in my company last night are truly wonderful. What a treat.

Fiona, Ali, Hayley and Nina- You gals are seriously the tops.

We laughed alot, sometimes uncontrollably- to the point where once I caught my breath I had forgotten what triggered the giggles in the first place.
Love those nights.
Love laughing.

This was a camera-free event. Therefore, here is my own artistic rendition of the evening.

Coming home to a sweet sweet man was a bonus. Tomorrow is C dawg and I's THREE YEAR anniversary!

Love my baby!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh METRO. You Naughty NAUGHTY Metro!

Featured in Today's Toronto edition of Metro Magazine.......

(Click to enlarge- BAHAHAHAHAAHA)


Friday, December 4, 2009

chop chop

I cut my own bangs again this morning.
I try to get to that Side Swoop stage, but the awkward "in between" proved to be too much for me. Plus, I had my brows done (she kinda took a lot away) but I might as well show these little groomed suckers off.

It's 11:44 am and I am starving.
Why is it on days I do not eat breakfast I can go til 3pm before lunch without feeling anything but when I slurp back a yogurt and a clementine in the AM I am STARVED before noon?
This will be fixed soon, Nina and I are lunching today.
Might try this place. Pretty decent prices.

After work (come on four O'Clock, I am counting on you) I am hanging with Fiona and the C dawg. Beers followed by delicious food at home and possibly my WOULD YOU RATHER board game I gots from BOLT for my BDAY.
P.S. My Ladies we can play this game next week. Fiona and I come over ok? I could even make a Mexican Lasagna! You won't be disappointed!!

Tomorrow night I am attending a stagette.
My pal met a guy. Went to visit him in Australia and came back from her visit ENGAGED. It's crazy how thing love shit happens so so differently for peeps.
I can only wonder what C and I would be now if I got some bling from him on date #9.
Although come to think of it, I am sure we had said "I love you" by then.
What can I say? It is a strange and wonderful thing (love).

I think we are hitting CLINTONS for Shake a Tail feather on Saturday. Hayley I wish I had one of your homemade feather things. It would fit right in there.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Obviously, this one.

I LOVE this movie. A year without Ralphy is like a year without a Christmas at all!
As children, my sister and I would watch this film religiously on Xmas. My sister had the unfortunate haircut-and-glasses-combo which made her look similar to the movie's star BOY.
Movie's bonus points:
Scut Farkus and keeping your eyes peeled for Toronto landmarks in the film.

The above movie is highly under-rated. I suppose the presence of Hugh Grant could lead many to believe that this is just another-Hugh-movie.
Quite the contrary.
The performances from all other cast mates is fantastic. great story lines.

And Emma Thompson's relationship woes with hubby Alan Rickman (LOVE LOVE LOVE him) is enough to make you weep.

I was thinking of checking out my boyfriend Jim Carrey in that new Christmas Carol flick.... but will it be good? Or will I be disappointed??

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Un-Wish list of the day

Things I do not "get" / GRIND MY GEARS

  1. Reese's Peanut Butter cups (chocolate + pb = gross)
  2. Kings Of Leon (I mean rrreally? What's so special?)
  3. All kids from the Twilight Movies (I do not care to read about them EVERY DAY.
That is all for now.
I am definitely getting my period if I felt the need to post this.