Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Groundhoggin'

Oh gotta love the evenings out with Work peeps....

And now... Off to our third game! Go Brewins!

We've decided to forfeit our trip to Wiarton this year. I think it's been too hectic and a nice restful weekend is in order in the T dot.
With no greyhound buses.......
Even the thought of climbing aboard right now gives me anxiety!

We'll celebrate in our own way on Monday.
Like wear our groundhog noses to Kilgours.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wow, it's been awhile.

To begin- My staff Holiday Party. Seeing as though I had to work at 8am the very next morning, I was "under control" as was C.
We started the evening out with our two free drink tickets- where we indulged in some vodka on the rocks with extra olives.

They had free palm readers and handwriting analyzers. We didn't partake- as the line ups were tragic and I am the most inpatient person on earth.

There was a raffle and C was the big winner. One free pizza a month for one year.
Jackpot, baby.

C did a funny dance when he went up to redeem his prize, and joked that my boss-man whispered in his ear that he likes "the cut of his jib" and "whatever they're paying him- he'll double it"

This evening is more work related fun- drinks with the team + spouses are welcome.

Tomorrow night is our 3rd floor hockey game, and we better fucking win. Nuff said.

This weekend, is the ever-popular GROUNDHOG DAY celebrations in Wiarton.
I think C and I are heading up from Saturday til Monday to see wee Willie.
(Oh and Ma and Pete and sister and Meghan.)

Will take pics.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

C showed me this


It's cooooold today. Like bone-chilling. (That figure of speech always makes me think of dinks)

Anywho, C and I have a visitor this week! My good ol' pal Dave is here cuz he got the job as the Junior Butcher at this place.
They just opened a shop in KW- but his training is in the city.

His wifey, Karen came into town with him yesterday and the three of us went our to Insomnia for din din before she headed back to K hole...

Thee two are a fantastic couple. I should know. I helped with the making of "them". It was my 22nd Birthday party, and I was living with a newish bf (unbeknownst that i would have the dumptruck backed up all over me in less than a months time) and D was there pining for K. Add some liquid courage and my slurred speech to him proclaiming my friendly-love for him, and how he should totally kiss her when he walked her home that night- and TA-DAAA! It happened.
They were married in 2005.

When C finished work last night the two boyz and me then drank some beers and smoked fags out my living room window. K- if you ever read this- D was NOT smoking fags out our living room window ;)

I am tired today. Could be the drinks, could be the lack of sleep. Could very well be the "up and out of the house whilest the moon is still in the sky" kind of morning.

Tonight, We introduce our house guest to KILGOURS.(of course)
And then- dinner at our place. D even said he'd cook! (he's been a CHEF for many a years, man)
Yeah, that's right- PARAMOUNT!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


From Canadians everywhere Obama. We welcome you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cat pee

Friday night:
we went bowling on Friday for my sister's Bday. it's kind of a tradition. the girl loves to bowl. her first real date with her now hubby was 13 years ago and they went bowling. she brought me and two other buds for good measure (how romantic).

this time, her hubby wore my dad's old bowling tee. it says BOB on it and everything.

things were running fairly smoothly (aside from me SUCKING at that dang "sport") until i started smelling this weird odour.

cat pee/ spray.

we cound't figure out WHERE this scent was coming from. and after smelling mine and a few others' bowling shoes (yuk) someone realised it was coming from poor robbie.

it seems their cat, Cash, did a number on that shirt whilest it laid in the back of their closet.

he disrobed that sucker immediately and played the rest of the game in his hoodie.

Saturday night:

Alicia's Bday....
I LOVE YOU GORGEOUS GAL!!!!! You are catching up with the Zerbinator.

We had some excellent foods with a show included (FIRE!) and right when my night was slowing down got to hang out with some great-ass company. DOOD YOU ARE FUNNY. "Lordy Lordy, your mom is 40"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane crash in NYC

Seems everyone may be ok.....

If you haven't seen it yet-

THIS makes my day, everyday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WTF Toronto Weather?

So ....the temperature has just begun to drop, with lows expected to surpass -25 (that's MINUS) degrees in the next 2 days.

Perfect time to lose my winter hat eh?

I am off to get my hair trimmed up all nice this eve.

(All the more reason I require a new toque)

Eaton Centre (gulp), Here I come!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sad news

I lost my very favorite toque on the streetcar today :(
The one that makes me look french.

I had her in my lap while reading the Metro and was apparently so engulfed in some story about a ridiculous B-list celeb- that when I got up at my stop- It fell from my lap and I didn't notice until it was long gone.

Is anyone else semi-addicted to bad reality teevee - like the Bachelor?

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few of my fav-or-ite things

that I gots for Xmas...

Panini Press- we had been using our FOREMAN grill for making these badass sandwiches in the past... But this guy is designed FOR paninis exclusively!

Who doesn't love reading about Brian Wilson? One of the greatest songwriters ever to grace us with his presence on this earth!

And finally, my BLING from C dawg. Quick! Protect your retina's from their magestic gloryyyyy!

Oh and the squirrel is back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As if catching my profile in the mirror once in a while wasn't enough....

This picture circulated the FULL back page of many Canadian news publications yesterday (including the "KW Record"- my hometown news)

Can you say "Holy chin -slash-nose" much?

I recall not seeing myself in the viewfinder screen so I propped my head up near Kyle's chin.
Wow, Am I ever glad I did :S

Holy Hannah!

See it here!