Thursday, January 31, 2008

TTC and Trivia

This is how I got to work today

This evening is going to be a geek fest -if I've ever seen one.

So, we used to go to this bar- the Duke of Gloucester for "Pub stumpers Trivia" with our good pal Laura. Ever since Laura packed up and moved to Halifax- we have abandoned the trivia night, and "My So Called Team" has gone our seperate ways.

This evening,
We are bringing it back-full force.

Our brains have had many months of rest and should be ready to kick some geek ass at 7pm!

And when I say geek, I mean this in it's truest form. This place, on Thursday nights- FLOODED!

After that, perhaps head to MayDay Malones on Bathurst for some KARAOKE.
Any takers?

Dive bar night- at it's finest -I would say!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Been a while, I know.

Thanks to those who have commented on my "which celeb would you do" fun that I have had running.
Especially my sweetheart who left the "Lopez mouth, Gottfried ass" comment.


It's been pretty busy lately. Job stuff going on- details to follow.....

Well, this weekend has almost arrived.

Groundhog Day.

I can't wait to get up north and let the festivities begin!

so- because i can

Wiarton Willie

Punxsutawney Phil


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This eve-
Homemade Pizza.
Maybe even a "Zerbinator"- my favorite combination of 'za toppings.
Please listen carefully:
Green Olives- for the needed salt intake (you could hand me a salt-lick and I would honestly be happy. I'm like a horse, for chrissakes!)
Hot Peppers -love the heat
and finally
Pineapple- to cool er all down.

If you've never tried it, I'll have to suggest it.
I have converted many skeptical friends :)

I've been kinda bored as of lately. Any suggestions for fun times ion the city?
Sports, even.
But fun ones.

Ok now.....

If you HAAD to:

Richard Simmons-------->

Carrot Top------>

annnnd go!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This one's for you, HW

ok ok ok now
How about this one:

If you HAAAD to:

SHIT load of makeup Tori Spelling

or Fergie- sans makeup

Monday, January 21, 2008

Blockbuster fucked off

So we hit the local Bloor Street Blockcuster in the middle of last week and KABOOM--it's freaking empty.
Weird thing is- we were just there like the day before. There was no empty shelves, no boxes, no teary eyed fat guy behind the counter, no sign AT ALL that the very next day the place would be completely VACANT.

Some dood drove up on his bike, dvd in hand wondering what the hell happened to the GI-NORMEOUS sign that read "Blockbuster"......
I told him the film was meant to belong to him.
I hope - for his sake- he didnt rent "Hairspray" or "Karate Dog"... or some other shit movie.

OK and now- just for fun:
If you HAAAAAD to-
Gilbert Gottfried or George Lopez?

...come on

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 5 Vocab

For those who know me- these words need no explanation.
But since I realise I may be using these often enough in my bog, I will explain:

1. Wheatbag- loser, tragic person, asshole

2. Heinousheight- a term of measurement: When you walk into a bar (ie: sometimes the Gladstone on Saturday night) and are SURROUNDED by lame-ass people.
"It was, like, 55 degrees heinousheight in there that night!"

3. Rooby- change the R to a D, and the Y to an IE (me thinks)

4. Tux - short for tuxedo cat. The most special and gorgeous of them all. Has been stretched to also refer to black and white canines.

5. O.O.C.- "Out Of Control"......not to be confused with popular teen tee vee show (which I have never sat through)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mary J Blige

What's the deal?
Are you competing in an ugly fashion race?
Who can wear the most amount of animal hide / fur on their bodies AT THE SAME TIME.

I do not eat meat, it's true, and think that the very idea of fur as an act of fashion is cruel (ever see the old PETA ad with the "stripped down fox?") BUT this has little to do with my thoughts here about ol' MJB.
It's fucking ugly.
You look like an idiot.

Just today in STAR (quality) magazine, I see a picture of you wearing 5 types of animal.

1. Silver FOX coat
2. Louis Vuitton MINK muffler (scarf)
3. FUR trimmed sick ass wedge heel boots
4. Leather bag

and finally

5. Human skin

gag me with a spoon.
the end.


This past weekend was my sister's Bday party.
Pretty good times.
We stuffed ourselves into her friend's adorable apartment, played some games, ate some foods (there was a SHITLOAD), and went home with over a q of free roobies!
I cut my sister some heinous bangs at Xmas, but they are growing in REAL nice now.
Why oh Why does she always end up looking younger than me!?!

No worries.
I've got these.

(I'm trying to pin point if we were playing a game at this moment, or If I was just showing off)

So Seeing my sis all cutey patoots in her bangs, I decided to trim mine and now I'm not sure if I qualify as "cute" or if I look like I am making an attempt to look "young" or "good".
I dunno- something about bangs.
They like purify the soul or some shit.
We'll see....

My mom and Pete are joining us in the big smoke for two nights this week- I'm excited.
Mom likes the city.
She grew up in a small community, and her idea of "big city" is Sketchener-Waterloo.
It's fun to ride the subway with her. She makes me stand pressed up AGAINST the wall while waiting for the car to arrive and come to a complete stop.
Can't wait...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Baby's got Talent


Strip Yahtzee

So, It's 12 degrees outside, and about a hundred in the office so I am wearing bare legs today.

Feels strange... but maybe because IT'S FUCKING JANUARY!

I hate to admit it, but I like it.

I am aware there is a serious problem.

Still like it.

My latest obsession is this:

and not even so much the video- but the song.

There are a number of songs out there, that-without fail- bring tears to my eyes every single time I hear them.

Leonard Cohen has that power.

Now so do the Shins.

What wonderful melodies.

Right now I'm drinking a "Tropic-ombo". Half water, half Tropicana OJ.

It's refreshing.....Summery..... Much like the day on the other side of my office window.

And what a window it is, looking north on Bathurst- one of Toronto's ugliest streets, in my opinion.

And my window is busted, so I can't open it.

I would die for a breeze right about now.

For a while last week, I was cooking here at work. In the office. In the busted heating unit.

My bagel with melted cheese never tasted so good.

But, alas, they have it fixed, so no more tasty goodness for me.

Jenny G is in town starting tonight for a few days. Yah!

We're having her a Kat over for MORE boardgames and yummy food.

My sister FINALLY joined facebook.
She seems to do things like this after they're cool.
Anywho I drew this on her graffiti wall!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Board Games

This weekend was all about boardgames.

Friday night we had a few peeps over for drinking and gaming. I tell you-
This POP 5 game has the ability to make time stand still.

Before we knew it- It was 3am and we were still playing.

Good times.

Saturday night- Boardgames (and drinks of course) but this time at McB's apartment.

This was early in the evening:

Then came more Jamisons.

And more.

And smokey.

And watching a guy outside - 11 floors down- getting arrested, and CERIAL-
Uph-teem cop vehicles. I won't even say "cop cars" Cause there were all kinds of VE-hiclies.

Then we spotted ppl from two buildings over on their balcony and of course started screaming like "woooooooooo-hoo, this is awesome. Watching this unfortunate dood get arrested (for god knows what). WOOOOOOOOT"

This was shortly after:

Speaking of cop cars, last week Corey and I were about to cross Bloor st to go home and past us drove this unmarked cop car (which was so obviously a cop car) so I said outloud, but prolly thinking it was half in my head:"UN MARKED CAAAP CAR" and dood looks at me and is all "Thats' Right!"

............. had to be there I guess.

Well besides being 10 pounds more than i have ever weighed in my entire life and having no money- LIFE IS GOOD.

Thank god for my sweetheart and his footrubs.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008... asif

Happy New Years.

Couldn't blog yesterday.
I was suffering from the same thing many people do around this time of year.
Depressed. Overtired. Emotional.
Had a bad sleep on NYE on Bolt's kids' bunk bed with Corey (go figure)
and the very next night I kept waking up, cuz I could swear I could hear a squirrel in the apt.
Thankfully my night in shining armor was there to run around the bedroom clapping his hands together trying to "scare" the imaginary be-jesus out of him (there was nothing).

Great start to 2008.

NYE was a good time overall.
Started out with the sister and Bro in law and all their pals.
Ate yummy food and hung with the chicks, while Corey ventured to the basement to play poker with the boys.
(Usually he'll hang with the gals but this time he was brave)
He emerged from the basement- unharmed....

Then it was off to Bolts.
Party time.

Let's Dance!

Until next time......