Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of 2007

This past weekend was pretty nice. Found I do not have to work today so that is a bonus.
Our old housemates Bday was Saturday night.
Good times. Corey and I even ventured downtown to join the party at Gracey OMalleys.
And boy oh boy was I ever disappointed when we spoiled our chances of entering the crap bar, due to doobie smoking in the lineup.
Sorry Pam!!
(I suppose they would rather have their clientel doing coke off their toilet seats and then beating the shit out of eachother)
Granted, We stumbled across the street (just as the COPS arrvced at Graceys!!!) and went to the Crocodile Rock. Just as tragic, really- but at least THEIR bouncers were.... nice people.

I can not stand that macho bullshit. ("I saw you doing drugs in MY lineup".... first of all DRUGS!???!? Second of all YOUR lineup?? Get me out of here!)

Also at Pam's Bday I got to see HIM:

Oh Echo the tuxedo cat.... I miss you!

This evening its back to my good ol' hometown of Waterloo for a party at Bolts.
I am excited to see the old crew. It hasnt been happening as frequently as it should.

New Years Evee. I think I can hear the faint sounds of
Jingle Cats meowing 'Auld Lang Syne' now.
Much jagermeister will be drank. Much fun had. And hopefully some good photo oppurtunities. Like last years spread of PULLED PORK and our Sponge Bob Square Pants Pinata.
Ah, les memoires.

Until then, I wish everyone a safe New Years Eve.

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