Saturday, August 28, 2010

meow to me

I got up like a million times to get a glass of water last night. This morning C dawg was up at at 'em before 5AM to go to work. I got up with him... to get more water.

I texted him later in the morning to say "Be Careful today and I love you."
He responds with "Love you, Don't drink too much water."

Today looks gorgeous outside. I'll laze around here for a bit and then head to the Beach(es) to see J&C, my favorite fab gay couple. ("Coupl-a hotties!"). I'll bring a camera today- I never take photos.

I have so much basil so I should prepare something delicious with it. I think I made boccocini salad last time I went over there but really- you can't have too much of the caprese!
Maybe I'll throw in some roasted red peps and do my own take on it.

Right now I looked over at Jackson and said "I love you handsome" and I SWEAR-TO-GAH - he actually understood me. And I didn't even MEOW it to him- just SAID it.

Next weekend is going to be RAD. We head up north to "Gramma's House" - this time with Ro and Fio in toe (me = poet). My sis and bro in law might also come up for a night. BONNNNFIRE!
BBBBBATS! (There are about 1000 of them who live in the roof and at dusk the all fly out- it's quite the sight (again, poet).

OK I'm outty 5000. Too nice out to miss.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Strange Illnesses and an All Girls Party

The ankle is getting much better. It's just turning into a giant bruise BUT even that is already fading.

Why is it, I wondered, that I only get REALLY STRANGE ailments?
Like... common cold?
Not this girl.
Last year's Ridiculously swelled ankle for no apparent reason?
Bring It On! And now this.....

On a less-whiny note: Girls night was a success last night, as per usual. This time Meryl hosted- and was a fine little hostess indeed.
Great apartment.
They have the same towel as Corey and I in the washroom.
Very important shit, man.
Wine and coronas + great chicks + smokey smokey + a dog named Charlie = goodtimes.

Meryl- we had a "bloody" good time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skeeter Syndrome

Remember when I had HIVES? Well typically what happens is I break out in large RED bumps and then they eventually turn into giant bruises.

This past weekend we were up north, and it seems some mosquitoes had their way with me. My arms and legs are covered... but with my usual red, itchy bumps.

And then there's this mess!

Seriously. My legs are one of my most treasured "parts". And now look at this!
This will be forever considered the MOSQUITO BITE.... from hell.

I have been googling like crazy and found that there is a such thing as SKEETER SYNDROME.
Some people just react differently (and more severely) to bites etc.

It must be me. The hives did the same thing.

WTF, skin?

Monday, August 9, 2010

CONGRATS!.... the lover-ly couple.

Danika and Eric's wedding this weekend was grand. Corey and I had a blast, I got to see all my ladies AND I (of course) caught the bouquet!

PS I almost ALWAYS catch the bouquet.
What can I say?
It ain't my desperate want to wed, rather my competitive nature.

Stealing pictures from facebook rules.

I had a nice long weekend AGAIN. In fact THIS week is a short one for me (i am off Friday), and so is next week (off Monday). We are heading to Port Elgin on Friday for Corey's family reunion. Then up to mom's for Sunday night.

Short workweek + Long weekends = the best ever.