Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend / Work mishaps

I am really looking forward to this-

Also, yesterday when in communicado with a CLIENT, I emailed her the link to THIS:

...Instead of ... well- the link which related in any way to WORK.

The best news was her response:

"I think you attached the wrong link – you should click on it though it’s pretty funny!

LOL :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Zumba + KZ equals ouch.

....And not in the muscles-aching kind of way.  I believe when we were "rolling on a river" (thrashing head upside down and right), I may have injured my brain.

Because, my lovelies, after the class I walked home, had a quick shower and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
throbbing headache
- full on!

The bastard stayed with me all night, past the delicious supper I couldn't eat, into the night, and when I woke up... Still. 

It subsided during the day but still lingered.  

And then again this morning- 

I do believe that -thinking this was all due to dehydration- I drank the equivalent to Lake Superior in just under 20 hours.

I have now temporarily cleared it with my strong cuppa Typhoo and I THINK it may be gone forever.
Here's hoping.

HERE'S HOPING IS RIGHT, BECAUSE soon enough, on their way to the big city is my MOM (Also known as MARMIE) and SIS (Also known as Lil' Kel). 
That's right, it's girls + C dawg loong-ass weekend!

So far I have only planned our visit until tomorrow at NOON.  I suck at "planning".  
We are gong to eat scrumptious brunch foods at FANNYS and then off to get Pedicures!  

Somewhere in there some bubbles will be drank.  
And while my mom doesn't know it yet --it happens to be a certain special anniversary for the boys at our local watering hole on Saturday and so a trip to KILGOUR'S in in the cards.

I mean it wouldn't be "showing my Marmie my way of livin'" weekend without one! 

 I leave you with this old clip from a great show which has nothing to do with this blog post.  Just CUZ.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

i have a crush .....

I have a confession to make.
C dawg and I can get addicted to a particular genre of teevee, this changing from month-to-month.
Sometimes it is a certain old syndicated sitcom, or ANY kind of cooking competition, right NOW it is auction hunting-type shows shows.....

Several weeks ago it began with us watching home improvement shows- one after another- mostly with Mike Holmes.

And then one day we happened to stumble across this

And we went on to watch.  I went on to swoon.

I mean hes adorable right???? (right??)
Plus he looks dang good for 53.

I don't know.  Maybe it was the wine-high, the fact that he's super creative and passionate....maybe it's his tee-shirts and his bandana- but let the truth be known:  I have a serious (female) hard-on for Balki Bartokomous.

That was then

This is now....Hel-lo