Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No rain, daddy.

Today's sky is strange.

There's this one large-and-in-charge cloud thats hanging over the west end of downtown.
From our tenth floor window here at the office it actually apears to be directly above the Cadillac Lounge where i will be blowing off some steam at 6 bloody thrity (when I'm done today).

Jesus lord, Help me. Today for some reason- it feels like time keeps stopping. And the half- starting again.
Ho hum.

I can only dream of the buckets of beers. And the partio.

Tomorrow is a wee BBQ at Fio and Ro's

I'm preparing a Quinoa salad, with pine nuts and feta, as well as some of my famous antijitoes.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Oysters and cottages

Last week, had a nice mid-week surprise when we hit KILGOURS for our usual after-work wind down.

Once again, they had a table set up on the patio with free beer and oysters. Nothing says summer like sucking back one of those homeboys.

I spent this weekend in Parry Sound at the Ginn cottage with 11 broads.
Saturday's weather was absolutely amazing, and we spent most of the day chillin getting sunburnt on the dock. My poor boobies.

I have to say that 81% of the time up north we played "BEYOND BALDERDASH" This game is killer. It's like the original Balderdash, except there's new categories- like names, dates and acronyms.

The acronym play-of-the-weekend goes to Tiffy who wrote down Bobcat Tiger Jag for the initials "B.T.J."

No one chose it as the real answer.

Got some good quality time in with all ladies involved including my pal Ilana. I'm super excited for the upcoming nuptials her and Cameron, who are walking down the isle on July 25th.

For this wedding I need gold jewelry and gold (flat) sandals. Any ideas?

Oh ,and the happy couple just recently got a dog named OTIS
Check this baby out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My cat's namesake is gone...

Jackson was mooonwalking all over the apt this morning. He seems stunned by yesterday's news- but I'm sure he'll be fine.

As for me, I am leaving for the Ginn's cottage in just less than 6 hours! Parry Sound bound, baby.

Know gin the company I'll be with (all chicks) I am sure that we will get the SING STAR out and blast out some Michael.

If I could find this one- I'd rock it. My personal Favorite:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Note to Self

When you have an appointment at 1366 Yonge Street DO NOT I repeated DO NOT take a taxi in the opposite direction to 1366 St. Clair.

It makes for a shitty morning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Peregrine falcon

He's Ba-Ack, or at least an offspring of our peregrine falcon we spotted months ago on our window ledge....

This one's just a babe. Beautiful, Isn't he or she?


Anyone here ever had Phlebitis?

The pain's been going on for over a week now. FINALLY made it to the Downtown Doctors clinic Thursday eve.
It was a freaking SHITSTORM.

First of all, I was the doc's last patient of the day..... needless to say my diagnosis was short and not so sweet. He said it's PHLEBITIS, an inflammation of a vein in my ankle, sometimes accompanied with a blood clot. Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS that Blood clots in general freak me out.

Maybe it's the woman-on-the-pill inside me who tends to partake in smoking a little too often that does it.

Either way, the doc quickly prescribed me an anti-inflammatory, and instructions to go down to get tests done in the morning.
The two tests needed were a general ankle X-Ray, as well as a Venous Doppler (an ultrasound to check for clotting) ...The second test being the one with the most urgency- as that would show if I had the DEEP VEIN PHLEBITIS - which can leads to, well you know ME DYING.

I get to the X-Ray clinic at 7:45am. I am the first one there, ready to get these tests done, and catch the 8:30 bus to KW to meet my sister- and head northbound to moms.

There is noone in house to prefer the Venous Doppler. They are currently booking appointments into the end of July. I explained what the doc said- about the urgency- but alas there is no technician in house.

I leave after my general X-Ray and get on a bus.

I called the Downtown Doctors and tell my tale of the morning, inquiring about WTF to do next; and was greeted on the horn by the uber-bitchy nurse there (she's a nightmare) who starts flipping out saying "So you didn't GO to get the test?? The doctor told you it was important!"

Obviously not a good listener.

"Yes wheatbag-woman , I went. NO fucking technician. Booking into July, etc."

She then had me call another clinic who was also booking into July. They had me call yet another clinic who FINALLY got me in for Tuesday morning at 8am.

I'll be glad to get this over with. The anti-inflammatory meds seem to be working, but I'd still like to rule out the possibility that I have a much more serious condition.

The rest of the weekend was nice. Spent time with Kel, Mom and Pete doing with the following highlights

We did Shots of Jager with the family for Pete's 60th Bday

Oh, and we c
leaned out grandma's house and made it livable for us to come up and stay this summer!!!

Gramma's "Hens and chicks"
Scary Henhouse

I also
Decorated C and I's "Up North" room with a seriously old wooden radio, 1976 Eaton's Catalogue and White Polaroid Camera I found (still in wrapping)
My mom is in the pic on the left :)

Mirror with horse

I also
Went garage sale-ing, and found C a retro golf shirt for 50 cents.

Oh, yes, and we at
e delicious foods

Wish my ankle luck tomorrow please.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smarty Pants

OK OK SO we originally saw this dumb video on Bob Saget's terribly addictive if you are Corey and I retarded teevee show.....
So now if either of us say / do anything smart- we do "the Dance"......complete with song.

Is there a doctor in the house?

My ankle is F-ed! How does this happen to me??!

I have absolutely no recollection of hitting, bumping, or twisting this god damn thing- but alas I have been in pain since Sunday.

And the best most frustrating part is that it's actually getting worse day by day.

When I woke up ceremoniously today at approximately 4:30AM AM to kick the cat out of our room on foot-molestation charges...I stepped off the bed onto said ankle it was like "oooh awww ohh"-- ATLANTA GRAPE LADY SCREAMING ALL OVER AGAIN.

It hurts and its swells up like Billie Holiday's joint's after I walk to much on it.

The good news is when we last stayed at Bolt's - She sent me home with a brick of brie- and an ice pack to keep er cool on the bus! That very icepack has now been stuffed into my sock while I'm working- and is HOPEFULLY keeping the swelling down.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chat de Partie

See the rest of this EXCELLENT little series HERE

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rootin' Tooting Good times

Well, I guess it's been a few days since my last posting.

The office cat went to a brand new home and got a brand new name.
Larry's daughter had been dying for a wee kitty, so my boss gave "Callie" up- and the cat is now named Mercury- die to the amount of purring she does.
She apparently sounds like a wee motor.

Friday after work I went on a bit of a wine binge which caused me to stay in bed until 4pm the following day. Corey was working, so I took advantage and chilled in bed with the cat and the CBC.
I then had to face the music and get my arse into the real world and find me a cowgal costume for Hayley and Mike's bday shindig. I succeeded in finding something to wear, made some antijitoes, packed a few tall boys and headed over to Alicia and Hayleys- still hungover.
I did get a little second wind action going on, but spent a lot of the night smoking my face off (sitting down- siiigh) on their back deck.

The costumes were aplenty and fun was definitely had.
Got home around 1am and cuddle Corey.

Here's some party highlights- Courtesy of Ali. (my camera did not leave purse)

The bitches:

Our hosts:
Just funny:
Funnier yet:

Oh Alicia, I love your face in that picture.

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was fantastic. I had C all to myself and we drove around in a big cube van on Sunday, hit a huge chinese store called TNT and had lunch there.....
Hit WOOFSTOCK and took photos of other people's dogs.
Kind of felt like a would-be kiddy diddlers who hangs out in playgrounds, watching other people's childrens.

Had a beersky at Kilgours (ok ok, 3 plus 1 jagermeister) and then headed home and ate MEATless MEATBALLS!

C took another job this week, so I may be going Sans BF to my moms place this weekend. Just me and sister Kelly. Which isn't terrible at all. I told C that we'd hit the norht in the next coupla weeks since he can't come this round.
More north = more good.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dining in the Dark?


So what is there's a short and curly in my pasta?
I won't be able to see it????

Crazy Cat Lady Blog Part 2

My pal Joel (METROS big winner of the Metro photo challenge)
took these pics at the office yesterday.

Can I get an "awwwwww"?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady Blogger

My pal from work found THIS under a van last night.

This kitty is super sweet. Was just sitting in Joel's lap SO CONTENTLY while he worked away at his computer.

Today she's our office cat. Tonight, off to a new home with my boss to join other kitten Troy :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend with Marmie

This weekend pretty much ruled.
I left Toronto Friday and headed to Kitchener on the greyhound. Upon my arrival, went over to Tiff and Sarah's place to meet my sister and get ready for their big garage sale which was happening the following morning.
I ALSO got to see the new additions to Sarah's family - her hubby Manny, who recently arrived in Canada from the Dominican Republic and the most gorgeous of babies, Adelina. We were at their wedding last March in the D.R. and now their lil' fam-damily is together here in Canada :)

We had some wine, and some laughs getting ready for the sale.
I was in chanrge of labelling items. Kel and I stole some of those coloured paint-sample-paper things from the hardware store and I made labels such as this one for 4 of Tif's (UNOPENED) hair bands-

Haha, they didn't sell but thankfully Colleen stopped by with her daughter, Maddie-and I gave them to her.

Mom arrived during the very end of the sale. I was about 2-3 sheets to the wind by then. (we dipped into the booze before 11am)

We cleaned up the sale, loaded baby , Marmie, and the gang- and walked to Victoria Park for PRIDE weekend.
Drank more beer, saw some sights (a Great Dane with a scary penis), and then headed out.

Got back to Kelly's house, and my sis' hubby started talking about this NEWFIE fry joint around the corner. He went oot (get it???) and came back with two delicious fry dishes- one a poutine, and the other had fries among dressing and peas etc.

The next day we bargain shopped and then headed to yet another festival- the Greek Food Festival. Ran into an old friend, Nicole with her super delicious daughter - and big round belly indicating one on the way.

I swear to GAH all my friends from high school are moms.
All of them.
And I know- it's completely normal. We're thirty now. but Lord help me- I may never do it. And it scares me a little. ACK! This tidbit is another blog posting altogether.

Back to being irresponsible-
We got to the Greek festival, and bolted for the liquor line- bottle of wine now in hand- we headed for a table.
Though I couldn't take part in the mass amounts of pork being consumed by the festival-goers- I managed to
eat about a dozen Stuffed Grape Leaves. I must say this particular veg option was awesome.

After the festival winded down the wine was gone we headed back to Sheri's place to sit in her wonderful backyard for more wine and of course to eat copious amounts of cheese. Sheri spilled her glass of red onto the cheese plate, but we all agreed that it didn't hamper, rather accentuated the selection of Camembert, Cheddar and Blue cheese.

My mom then spilled her glass of red on the kitchen floor. Sheri was uber-pleased (It's usually always her who does the spilling)

My ride home - the beautiful Kattypants and her HI-larious bf of "Livin' in the Jungle" fame, Bron, picked me up and took me home.
I arrived to a gi-normous homemade veggie lasagna and many, many kisses from Corey.

"hahahahhaha you missed me you suckerrr!"

Friday, June 5, 2009


Fuck I ate beet root at Fio and Ro's last night.

The pink pee continues.......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'd kiss him over a birthday cake anyday

Ali's been posting her hot men so I thought I would get into that as well.

Although I do love C dawg AND think he's the most handsome man in the world.......

here's one preppy that NEVER goes out of style. two words-
Jake Ryan



Well our wee clothing swap was a success last night... Everyone left happy. I got some nice shit and got rid of a dress I absolutely love but does not fit my gagas anymore- and am looking forward to seeing my two lovelies wearing it this summer season.

We also had a blast trying on Ali's old tiny clothes / jackets and taking in some great photo ops.
Speaking of which-


I also managed to drink a full bottle of cheap -ass champagne and then go home and cut the tip of my findger off whilest preparing a salad for myself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Apparently I ate too many pickled turnip last night.

My pee was pink.


Weekend flew by. C and I made a Mediterranean feast yesterday. Homemade hummus, tabbouleh salad, pickled turnip, black olives, yum yum

Everything went smoothly in the preparation except our "Betty Crocker" food processor can suck it.
It actually melted whilest chopping.
Thanks Screw you, Betty!

We also both sobbed uncontrollably at the end of watched Marley and Me.

Spent Saturday shopping about town. Used the second half of our Healthy Butcher gift certificate. I must say, even for a vegetarian, they have some really great treats in there.
We bought Strub's Garlic Kosher Dills. I learned that the $10 pickle ARE superior to the regular kind. YUM.

Also visited Kensington and spent some time in the really old school shop on the corner.
What the hell is it called??????? This place must have a magical basement which leads you to their stock of shit from 1960-1986.
Like... the stuff is new, in package, but TOTALLY dated weird stuff. lovely!
Alls I bought was a Pashmina for $2.98, and some socks-- but had a blast looking at weird old porcelain piggy banks that reminded me of my childhood.

Tomorrow night I unload some funny old clothes on Ali and Hayley.
Thanks bitches for having me over. It'll be funtimes.