Monday, May 31, 2010


What great weather. Can hardly still believe it is May.

Friday night afterwork people went to the Raq N Waq and got a primo spot on their otherwise EMPTY partio. A butterfly came over and sat right on Justin Sleeping Beauty's shoulder and remained there for several minutes. Better he than I. I don't care if they are "pretty". They fly around in my face and freak me out. PLUS -up close, they ain't so pretty.

We hit the island on Sunday. Oh, how I love Toronto's own Coney Island. Well, it is as close and cheesy as we get.
It was so so nice out but we didn't find it overwhleming at all! We even ventured into CENTREVILLE due to the overall lack of people (and children).
Took the SKYRIDE overtop. Didn't see any goats on roofs, which is what our main aim was :(

Then it was beachtime. I even went into the water. Normally I'm more of a chilling-on-the-beach-reading-smut kinda broad. I went in partially because it was HOT, partially because I was covered in sand, but also partially becasue at one point C dawg sneezed and well-- DEBRIS-- made it's way onto my legs.
You gotta love love.

Corey got a bit of a shocker as well when two (white trash- only by association by the owners) dogs trampled our stuff and one piddled directly on Corey's bag.
Good thing I am a dog person or these WT's might have gotten an earful.

Also, saw 4 misquito bites walk by.
I guess we were close (ish) to the "nude" beach?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Take It In

I am ba-ack.
I was supposed to be at a dentist appointment yesterday (first time in a dog's age- ok TWO dog's ages) but instead I spent some time with the clan/fam in KW.

The funeral service was sad but sweet. I could feel the love in the room of all Jeff's family and friends just lingering in the air. The recording of him sweetly playing and singing Sweet Child of Mine was a beautiful but painful addition to the ceremony.
We stood in the back corner and took it all in. It was alot to take in.

The night before C and I first met Niki for a quick beverage at ETHEL's. The lit sign overhead sent out a message in memory of G.
After wards it was off to the Ginns to be with the crew. We immediately moved over to another gathering at the family abode of the Morrison brothers. The night then became somewhat of a crazy-spontaneous high school reunion.
Such terrible circumstances in order to get this many people all together.

I am sad for the large number of people I love who are deeply affected by this loss. That being said- the group sure knows how to celebrate the life he lived. The priest -who was also a cousin of G- said something to the affect of "The only way we can come to terms with this loss is that at birth each person is given a certain amount of joy to spread. Jeff managed to use that up in his short time on earth"


The weekend ahead will be full of rest and relaxation. C and I get our new QUEEN-SIZED bed delivered today. Poor C is at home now preparing "cleaning the radiator with a toothbrush". Having an animal - this stuff can really collect.
There may also be a visit to Z' ISLAND at some point :)

Oh and as for the dentist, I rescheduled. All the more time to floss like a mad woman!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bittersweet post

Haven't been able to find words (in blog-form) for what's been happening since this past weekend.

C and I are heading to KW this eve til tomorrow to attend a funeral (and then maybe even meet a baby?).

I can't imagine what my loved Waterlooians have been going through.

A friend was lost
and a new baby born.

Bittersweet, indeed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF - thank god I'm fabulous

I have begun something recently. It pleases my sister. I borrowed TWILIGHT from Fio and am reading it, in all it's teen-angst glory.

My sister is obsessed with "RPatt". Her husband bought her a RPatt calendar for her (33rd!!!!) Birthday.

When I poked fun at her she rebutted with:

Lil' Kel-
"Ugh remember YOUR obsession with Joey McIntyre and the New Kids on the Block???!?- THIS is my NKOTB"

"Ummm yah I was 11"

Anyways, so far- it's pretty entertaining. Strange to go from reading three Maeve Binchy novels and then switch over to a teenage Vampire series. I became so used to the everyday characters and occurrences in a "small Irish community"... Now I am on the edge of my seat bed waiting for this peculiar dark eyed boy to kiss the new girl in town.

SIGH to be young again.

This weekend, we are headed to Port E with Corey, his sis and her son. Hope the weather is beach warm. Of course, I will just laze and read smut mags on the sand. Corey on the other hand might find his way into the water. His sis is bring him.... a WETSUIT.

(I asked in advance and am allowed to take pictures) ! !

We don't leave the city until tomorrow so I am trying to get a crew together for after work drinks. Perhaps hit a patio and then $3 drinks at the Brant!

OK Ok I take back the Sigh
to be young again comment.
I'm still having fun :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I's the b'y that drinks the Screech

Met C dawg and Kyle and Scott at the CENTRAL the other day for some after work fun.

Our waiter was from the rock and upon discovering our boys were fellow Newfoundlanders, he came out to our table with free shots of Screech!

We grew up next door to a Newfoundland family- the Pretty's. As their friendly neighbors, we usually had our own stock of Screech in the liquor cabinet that my parent's could sip on my sister and I could steal as rebellious teens. We definitely were not the favorites at house parties.

But you know what? Drinking it again, some 15 (AH!) years later-- It wasn't half bad. Not at all like I remember from my childhood years.

This evening is going to be boss. Girls night. Doesn't happen often enough but when it does- it's always worth the wait.

Tonight we have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST straight from Victoria.

This girl is one of a kind. A couple years back when we first got our POP 5 Cranium board game- we were addicted and happened to be playing it a lot. Like A LOT, a lot....
Chloe made me a whole new set of cards to play with featuring really hip, up to date shit to play on.
Whaddagirl! (PS we played with those cards recently and it was grand)

Fio is hosting this evening festivities and Ro is gettin' outta town.

Poor boys :(

What am I saying???

Gooooooooooo Girls! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

too soon?

Back in Januray I told a new colleague (shortly after the dimise of..) that she resembles Brittany Murphy.

Since she had recently passed on, I asked myself...."too soon?"

Well today is that colleague's Birthday and I made her this-

Again... too soon?

Did ANYONE see that film AND get the reference?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A while back I thought that THIS was the best ever LIVECHAT.

I was so so wrong.

When shit gets in your eye

What is the longest you had have something in your eye? Aside from contact lenses etc?

The other night somewhere between the Lennox Street streetcar stop and Kilgours, something found it's way into my eye and must have wedged itself somewhere between my cornea and Anterior chamber. Whatever it was--- it was IN there.

It lasted throughout our afterwork drinks. I could hardly keep that eye open enough to spot this guy chomping on some wings at a nearby table!

Anyways, I think it is definitely the longest peiod of time I have had something in there. It lasted until nighttime. Somewhere between my head hitting the pillow and the sun-rays splashing on my face - it dislodged.

Must have been all the RIM-ming.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't you waste me in the ground

i suck at this lately.
Hmmm a week has passed and what have I accomplished.....

Some gardening at Fiona's, A sleepover with Alex and Claire (that man can COOK), A couple hangovers.....
That's about it.

My skin is changing. I don't know quite what to blame it on except... aging.
It's starting to resemble a catcher's mitt.

I bought $45 eye cream (for like, 2 ounces or some shit)
I have been using it for 2 months- and NOTHING.

Is there a miracle cream out there?

Oh and I also broke out in PIMPLES this past week.
Good times. Wrinkles and Pimples.

enough. I will not become a complainer. I will not become a complainer.

May is already half over and I realize that 2010 is record-breaking in the sense of time going by quickly. Like wtf? Wasn't it just New Years?

I really hope it's Spring-like this coming weekend.
I need me a picnic and some romance.

I leave you now with Iron and Wine because, well that's just the kind of mood I am in today.

Monday, May 3, 2010

If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor

Well another weekend gone. It was FULL. I love fullweekends. I can NOT deal with the one's that seem to just fly by- with nothing to show for it.

The word (or phrase) of this weekend was "ASS" specifically, eating ass.

It dates back to almost a decade ago when my sister and I were visiting the animals in Waterloo Park. There were two piglets- "Bacon" and "Eggs" (ridiculous, i know). Anyways we got up to their pen and there they were- One eating the others ass out.

This story was talked about this weekend at many different times. It became my theme for the weekend. Theme #2 was ME always knowing how to cross the line.
"Here's the line- and here's KZ crossing it" was spoken many times.

I was in fine form both Friday and Saturday nights. After work on Friday I headed out to a patio with Joel and Christopher- soaked up what was left of the sun- and then headed to the Brant House for the weekly $3 drink activities.
There's something about drinking $6 double-vodkas in downtown Toronto. It's a rarity for sure. I always feel the need to "take advantage of it". Sure am glad I do. Work folk always equal a good time.

Saturday I got a lift to Waterloo with the lovely Michelle and Danika, along with young Ethan who has made my top 5 list for cutest kids EVER.

Saturday was spent driving around K town with BOLT. Cheese shopping, Getting supplies for our antipasto afternoon snack, getting into a brawl with some broad who honked at us to do ON A RED LIGHT. Shouting ensued, birds flew.

I try not to have road rage, really but when WE CAN'T GO, we can't freaking GO!
"Check the traffic light you friggin wheatbag!"

Saturday night. Nicole's Birthday party. Bhima's Warung. One of the best meals of my life. Rare tuna appetizer serves on black sticky rice. main- as always "The Duck without the Duck"; noodles in their Chang-Mai curry with cherry tomatoes, snake beans, pineapple, peanuts, served with a crispy pakora atop.

Serious. Food. Orgasm.

The night continued at Ethel's Lounge where I ran into many old (and some new) friends.

I have to say the more I see my old pals from KW the more I realize that they are so important to me. Some of these people have shaped who I am today.
I love you guys for that! Really do.