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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I think of myself as a pretty flippin' hilarious person.

She was funnier.

I'll miss you bud.

I met Erin in high school.  It all started when she started dating one of the guys in our little "grouping".
I recall a few of us walking past a restaurant on King street downtown where we saw the happy couple inside.
I, being the smart ass I am, knocked on the window and yelled SUCK IT.

There is more to that story- but I'll leave it there.

Erin and I most recently drove down to KW together from Toronto..... to another wonderful woman's funeral.  Just 2 months ago.
She was in a lot of pain and discomfort, but of course would hardly complain or let me know.  I remember feeling useless because I couldn't take over the wheel for her.  (You know-- the whole "hitting a car during your road test" had still plagued me, and although it has been YEARS, I still haven't gone to re-try that one).
Maybe I should re-think that.

Erin was driving her old-ass car down to KW that weekend, to pick up a "new to her" car that a friend was giving her.  She was so excited.  
But of course the ride's conversation was dreary, fact being that we were going to the funeral of a 35 year old woman who had just lost her battle with cancer.  But still, we managed to go off topic and talk about ridiculous things and times past.  Erin was the funniest girl I knew.  She loved laughing.  LOVED it.

I will think of her muchly.
I will miss her entirely.
I will try and stay "funny" and keep the laughter going.... she would have liked that :)