Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding my voice

My good bud Mike recently moved home after spending some years in the west.
Glad to have him back.  He traveled across Canada playing music in venues along the way back and ended the tour back here in good old Ontari-ario.

Did I mention this was all in a '94 Lumina?   The Lumina served as a means to get to locations like the Yukon and Tofino and also provided him a temporary home.

Seeing Mike up on stage playing is amazing.  Always a huge "music guy" it just seems like the right place for him to be right now.

It also reminded me how much I used to love making music.

Now when I say "making music" I am not referring to those times in the nineties where I was writing amazing pieces of music and lyrics (because that never happened).  I just mean singing, really.  That's right.  Singing other people's songs.  

Mike on the other hand can write like a ..... like a really great songwriter.

Mike stopped by yesterday and brought his guitar.  And we sang together.  And you know what? We sounded pretty darn good.

The first song below is what we hope to "master" by November 14th (at very least) to perform live.

Oh yeah, and I'm not nervous AT ALL.

Mike introduced me to this next beauty.  So lovely. This is the type of song I would not be able to fathom listening to in the morning (most depressing time of day for yours truly).  Walking to work BAWLING? Not a good start, me thinks.

But after 5pm- wow.

Been on this next tune pretty hardcore for a couple years now.
Again, no morning tune-ins permissible.

Yay I finally wrote a bloargggggg

Inspired, I guess?