Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of 2007

This past weekend was pretty nice. Found I do not have to work today so that is a bonus.
Our old housemates Bday was Saturday night.
Good times. Corey and I even ventured downtown to join the party at Gracey OMalleys.
And boy oh boy was I ever disappointed when we spoiled our chances of entering the crap bar, due to doobie smoking in the lineup.
Sorry Pam!!
(I suppose they would rather have their clientel doing coke off their toilet seats and then beating the shit out of eachother)
Granted, We stumbled across the street (just as the COPS arrvced at Graceys!!!) and went to the Crocodile Rock. Just as tragic, really- but at least THEIR bouncers were.... nice people.

I can not stand that macho bullshit. ("I saw you doing drugs in MY lineup".... first of all DRUGS!???!? Second of all YOUR lineup?? Get me out of here!)

Also at Pam's Bday I got to see HIM:

Oh Echo the tuxedo cat.... I miss you!

This evening its back to my good ol' hometown of Waterloo for a party at Bolts.
I am excited to see the old crew. It hasnt been happening as frequently as it should.

New Years Evee. I think I can hear the faint sounds of
Jingle Cats meowing 'Auld Lang Syne' now.
Much jagermeister will be drank. Much fun had. And hopefully some good photo oppurtunities. Like last years spread of PULLED PORK and our Sponge Bob Square Pants Pinata.
Ah, les memoires.

Until then, I wish everyone a safe New Years Eve.

Friday, December 28, 2007

big news

Well, It's Friday

I am suffering a tad bit from the consumption of Jamison's last night.

I give mad props to the Lawyer-Ladies for treating us to a ridiculous amount of booze.

We appreciate it ;)

Work is D.E.A.D.

So dead that I am moved to write a poem.


End please!

Allowed to go home?

Doooood man!

Yes, so I am wasting my time now.

Drinking coffee.

Wondering if the boss is coming in today.

Perhaps she'll be botox-fresh.

That was scary.

And shiny.

Very very swipplery.

Yah- Swipplerwy.

Looking forward to, again some r and r this weekend.

It's our old housemates Bday tomorrow night.

Thinkin' about getting her a tuxedo cat calendar or something.

Imagine- A fresh new tuxedo cat for every month.

January '08 should look like this:

Whadda start to the New year that would be.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


WOW. This season has been pretty hectic. I can't believe Christmas came and went already and we are almost into 2008.
2007 was pretty schweet.
I fell in love and graduated college.
I got a jorb.
And I have many great memories of friends and family.

This Xmas in particular was some pretty good times.
Corey and I managed to get in our time with all the 'rents.

Here's the special highlights:

Xmas 2007- top five

1) CASH- my sister and Rob's newest addition to their family. A gorgeous black kitty found in mom's woodshed up north.
Robbie fell in love and HAD to take him home with them. So far I hear the cat and Lennie (the dog with the gi-normous cornhole) are doing okay.

2) Cranium's POP 5 / YAHTZEE- We all know how I love boardgames. And this yr I received two from Santa that have already given us much joy!

3) THE RETURN OF C-dawg's BAGS- After a slight scare on the Greyhound, and the temporary loss of TWO GIANT bags (one full of all our Xmas pressies)- We are happy to announce that the bags have been FOUND! XMAS WAS SAVED!

4) Me- pulling a Ralphy-red rider bb gun- trick on Corey, hiding his Donna Karan boots behind a chair at my mom's for him to find.

5) My dad- whilest dogsitting, gently harassing "Simon the crazy Jack Russell"....bsimply pointing his index finger toward the dog's mouth, receiving the teethy "grin" from Simon.
He did it over and over and over (as dad's do) ....

but I giggled everytime ;)

Oh, and my sister framed this great picture of Corey and I when we were up north in the spring.
Real candid shot of us kissing on the rocks. I will scan and post soon. Lovely.

makin' veggie chili tonight.
toot! toot!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Real Men Cook Quiche

I am excited for this week to be over.
I have been working until 8pm everynight, and with a start-time of 8:30sm- It adds up.
My boss and the executive chef are in her office for dooby time right now.
This place rules.
I mean- I saw my first (and second) EVER stripper here.
And I've only been here for just over three months.

Corey made quich this week.
I was uber-impressed.
One had pineapple and veggie ham in it!
My baby can cook.

Tonight is our Wrap party.
We wrap all the goodies we have bought for our families.
We are heading to my dad's Friday night, and then myself, my sis, my Bro-in-Law and C dawg head up north to moms.
Its perfect- How close Corey's parents are to my mother.
They asre from the same sticks.
Maybe we can look for Wiarton Willie, or Sunny the Sauble Shithawk while we are there.
I love that goddamned Shithawk.

Here's our photo with Sunny from last years Wiarton Willie parade:

Note the "Willie noses" my mom and sis are sporting.

Can't wait til this February- We are thinking of entering a "float" in the parade.
And when I say "float" I mean pretty much anything goes.
Some of the past's favorites have been:
An old fire engine, a dood in a lill' car that looks like a computer mouse trucking around in circles, miniture horse dressed in clothing........a- uhhhh............ pick up truck.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here's the little bastard I mentioned

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why I Eyes Ya.

OOoooh Nuts!

Corey and I have been fixated on nuts lately.

We like to crack 'em, and of course- eat 'em.
Bought a fancy nutcracker from Honestly Edward, and have an adorable bowl Niki got me for my Bday to hold 'em.

Corey set out some difficult to get at nuts on our 2nd story windowsill for the cute, fury little squirrel's that reside in the courtyard.
Well this officially became a problem when I woke up a couple weeks ago to a living room scattered with shells, plants with soil all around them, and a half eaten box of what I like to call the Poor Man's Turtle (but you may know as Slowpokes).
The little bastard sliced a hole in the kitchen screen, and had his way with the nuts neatly displayed on our coffee table during the night- while we slept.

So to this day, we are finding "hidden" nuts around the apartment--
Under the sheets in the spare bedroom, buried inside the potted Aloe Vera plant, in the washroom, tucked away in every corner.

Here's the MAIN DEAL though:

I recall half-waking up the morning of the incident, and Corey asking me if I was "eating nuts" in bed. Seems he rolled over onto a large walnut.
Soooooo- this fucking squirrel was in our gaaaad-damn room while we were sleeping!
I'll post a picture of the little bastard soon. Corey caught a recent one of him sitting on the sill staring at us. And post script:
This "fury little squirrel" is not so much.
This is your typical "winter squirrel".
Ratted up hair, not-so-poofy-tail.
Almost most closely resembles a gigantic rat.

We named him "Nutty".

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mississauga Goddamn

So yesterday, Corey and I had the bright idea to take public transit to the Dixie Outlet Mall.
We ended up missing our bus and walking- sans sidewalk- over an overpass, until finally reaching our destination..... did I mention that was the Dixie Outlet Mall.
Wasn't worth the trip.

Buuut on a bright note, my sweety got me this touque for our anniversary.

I think I look French.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Are VHS Tapes tapes...over?

I sure as hell hope not, cause just now I picked up Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from my neighbor's junk pile whilest walking with Corey-
He's gone to the boozer now.
I opted out.
I was extremely hungover today. One would say "like a horse"- that's how HUNG I was.
I instead I am preparing a Mexican taco feast with veggie ground round, anticipating his return.

We rented Hairspray, and Room 1408... what a mix huh?
They'll prolly both stink- what are we getting into here??

Tomorrow is our anniversary. It was one year ago that I plucked him up from the Tap on Bloor Street, and invited him over to "play guitar and smoke a roobie" in a drunken haze.

I am glad I did.

Off to make Mexicaso!

Friday, December 7, 2007


to my blog.

Originally I thought of starting this as a place to "vent" about things that really grind my gears- god knows I bitch enough! But I have realised that not only can I rant, complain, vent about the things in my life- but also just have a place to keep these umph-teen-teen thoughts that are continuously running through my noggin at any given point.

Like today:
I am thankful.
For the love that went into my cheese bagel this morning.

I swear to god I have the number 1 bf of all time.
And he's talented too- Check this out:

Oh, and TGIF- an' I'm not talkin about my mug at work here that states "Thank god I'm fabulous", I mean the REAL one.

I am so ready for the weekend.
Corey and I are having our second-in-a-row N.P.W.E (no plan weekend)
It's wonderful having no obligations.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kids Backpacks + Me + TTC = Disaster