Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sex in the City Part Two- a review

I had the pleasure of wasted 2 and heif hours of my life watching this movie yesterday.

Below in no particular order I have listed why this was possibly one of the biggest busts of all time.


Now my gays may hate me for this but COME ON SERIOUSLY??
This whole "Liza-singing-Put-a-ring-on-it" scene made me terribly ....uncomfortable.

Anyone who knows me knows my complete DISDAIN toward child actors, particularly awful child actors (which is most of the time).
This movie featured an abundance of these little creeps which really grinds my gears.

To further my point-

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Ugh. Lily.

and finally, Exhibit C: the new kid who literally screamed through every scene she(?) was in.

The storyline sucked balls. The characters were annoying people I would dread to be around,
and I say this even though I am a HUGE fan of the series. HUGE.
...this was nothing like it.

nd finally.....


So basically I give this flick two upside down thumbs-ups-

the end.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Grind and grease my gears

You know what really grinds Fiona's gears?
Sitting in a tiny venue watching a friend play live music while the opening act talks LOUDLY at the table next to her.
Might I add that the feature band currently on stage sat and listened INTENTLY to these people, making sure to clap, encourage etc. during their set.

You know what really grinds
my gears?
Going into Pizza Pizza at night,
starving and the ONLY vegetarian option is a stale slice of cheese (only) pizza. No delicious veggie panzerottis, no yummy slices.

On a completely unrelated post (hehe....yeah)- What really
greases my gears is going out to see my good pal Mike play with his Calgary band ART SCHOOL at the Central last night. They were GREAT!

I am so glad we had some time before the show to catch up at good ol' Kilgours before the show. Miss you, Mike.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

winter bluezzz

The weather is changing and I can feel it... like in my soul.

I tend to get a little S-to the -A-to the-D around the beginning of winter.... and with today's wind I can feel it creeping in.

The warm nights out on a patio are far behind us now (or far ahead, depending how you see things), and soon I'll even have to give up my cutey booties and my leather jacket in exchange for a large purple parka and Sorels.

One thing I can say for sure though- DRESSING for the winter can make a shitload of difference.
In years passed I can remember the SAD being even WORSE- this due to an inability to dress warmly in our Southern Ontario (inevitably FREEZING COLD) winters.

C dawg once said to me "Looking warm is sexy" and I will take that and roll with it in my huge snow boots. So all you half naked broads out there with the clattering teeth, and spring jackets- take note! YOU LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE AND RIDICULOUS.

I'll bust-it on past you and wave my hot hands your way- that is if I can move my arms....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My "Major Award" for turning a year older! Thanks honey-bunny!
I can not WAIT to start using it. Creamed soups. Homemade hummus. My recipe book is going to fill up quickly, I'm sure.

Oh my sister looks proud of her choice of cards here. She even personalized it by making the two screaming characters her and me.

We went out for dinner in KW. My sister brought along her "Work mom" who brought me roses.

Can you tell we are related? We seems to get mixed reviews....

More loot- I got spoiled....

The after party was at my sister and Robs. They just moved into a new place and had a SHITLOAD of boxes of books to get rid of. Most are Rob's mom's old cookbooks. And when I say OLD I mean actual antiques. We asked that EVERY GUEST take a book before leaving the party. We were adamant that everyone did.

Oh Haiii Lenny. Lenny the Wonder Dog. 16 and going strong. Smiles, too.

Some beauties.... Marta's hair is never-ending in this picture.

2 of my favorite people on earth, right there. NIKI COME VISIT MORE!

We both look human in this picture so I posted it :P

MY MARMIE! The best gift of all! To spend time with my sweet sweet family.

Not that coming home to my hairy family member was all that bad.

Oh lord. I swear to GAWD Jackson is a really handsome cat. He's just not always... photogenic. He's like his mommy.

All in all 32 is feeling pretty good. I still have all my teeth and can shake my rump here and there. Plus I've got the best friends-family-sweetheart ever. For reals.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I arrived at the ol' office today to a nice surprise!

A card with LOTTO TICKETS from the other KZ!

Happy Birthday Krista!!!! Thanks for being awesome :) (Insert some type of hooters joke here)
Love, Kristina -- AKA (on this blog as) Brittany Murphy look-alike

With FLOWERS??!!

A-mazing beginning to being 32!

Monday, November 8, 2010


birthday countdown. 4 days to go. 32 is kind of a boring age. i mean, what's the dif, really?

i am heading to KW Saturday to celebrate with some delicious fake meats etc. from LAI LAI. Deeeee-licious, I tells you.
Oh, also in celebration mode will be sister, mom, friends and of course my hunny C.

friday night will probably end up being a wee night out because:
a) it is a friday
b) it is my bday week AS WELL AS a bunch of other work-budz
c) it is payday

not sure what to do. that's how i have been this year for some reason. very... undecided.

Corey is participating in Movember and i told him alls i want for my bday is HIM to have a STACHE... oh and also a food processor!

C-mon donate!

Oh and BY THE WAY-

they did it.... and it was monumental :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sandy and Danny-
Supermarket Sweep contestants circa 1989-

And now with their host, Tino Monte-

Boobies and a crayon?
Snookie (about to get punched??)-

Awwwwww together again-
We'll call this one the "kitchen" shot-

Halloween was a blast once again thanks to Colleen and Derek and their wonderful home.

I am posting the below picture which was taken LAST YEAR because GUS thought we'd forget that he's wearing the EXACT SAME COSTUME. Damn Dog!

What do you think we are stoopid???????

Meat that looks like countries

Guess the country...

Monday, November 1, 2010


The time has arrived! It is MOVEMBER-time.

Ladies who can't get ENOUGH of seeing mustached faces- your time is NOW.

My sweetie is going to be one of the many men donating his FACE to this great cause for Prostate Cancer Research.

Corey's Mo page-

I am the lucky one who gets to watch this -

turn into this

or this

or even this

Boo YA!