Monday, May 28, 2012

(Another) Weekend in Waterloo.

Friday night I got in a tad late but was able to paint some with Bolt and Debby at Nikis NEW place.

The rest of the weekend consisted of sister time.
We did some walking, some shopping but mostly some 90210-ing.

Remember Brandons ex- Nikki?  Well I bought me some "Nikki-pants".  I can't find a pic of these pants, but her character used to wear big ol' silky-like tenty things.  They are uber-comfy for the hot summer.....And now I can say I own "Nikki-pants"

Hmmmm what else occurred on the Bev Hills front?

Well, seeing as though we spent a large majority watching this in all it's glory ----Alot happened.

Brenda ALMOST ran away and married some gapped-toothed creeper whom she has zero actual chemistry with:

And more frightening than that is I came upon this beauty:
...when trying to locate a pic of this guy.  It's from someones LIVE JOURNAL.  They must obviously disagree with my whole zero chemistry theory.

And then, there was the RETURN OF EMILY VALENTINE.

Brandon met her 2 years prior looking all:

But then runs off to SAN FRAN to find her looking  (more like, not exactly) this:

Anyways, Of COURSE they're all in love and shit again RIGHT AWAY ... until she reveals that she's moving to Paris.  See ya!

Ok, I have now stepped out of the boob toob to the remainder of the weekend.


"Fresh" from a nap. Birthday girl Daliza.

It ain't a party without:

bijon frises in the mix 

Good people


Spilling white wine spritz on my sundress:
 And finally- A PiƱata!!!
Brother Rob got it up and ready to go
Baby D takes the first swing
Caiden joins in
Adelina with her mallet.
AHEM....Prior to this- she ALSO had a mullet.  Mom told us all about the little stinker cutting her OWN hair recently, hehe. 
Here she is all fixed up with a MALLET only, no MULLET

Those kids blew Dora's head right off!

And the best shot of the day goes to:

BABY D- look at that Hand-eye coordination!

The Kumar clan (complete with MOMMY G) showed up just in time to drive my arse homewards.  Many party goers made their way out front to see the newest baby- Chetan.

He was, of course a show stopper. 

Now they have seen how wonderful he is IN REAL LIFE

Nice work again, my pals.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Baby, a BBQ and one Giant Pussy!

Seriously?  Can you GET any cuter?

 Oh you may JUST have done it!

This child is perfect. I could stare at him all day.  The parents are also gorgeous so I suppose I know where it comes from.  

We had a DELICIOUS BBQ with the Kumars over the weekend.  Sweet potato "wedges" (teehee), Greek salad, Burgers etc.  (Steak for the steakies).  SO delish!

 Meanwhile in awkward land....
 "Baby, take a picture of me near this flower"

 "And this giant cat..."

We spent last weekend mostly outdoors. How AMAZING was that May 24 holiday weekend?  

"So amazing" is the correct answer.

We were attempting to break-free from the city and head over to the islands, but unfortunately so was the half of Torontonians that stayed in the city over the weekend.  It was a NO GO.  We waited for a Water Taxi for some time before giving up and just decided to walk around the lakeshore.  The above shot is at PAWSWAY where they also have a Purina Hall of Fame featuring our fuzzy friends (and 1 horse!) who have saved peoples lives.

There was a cat in like, 1969 named JIGGS, that saved a family in Wiarton.
Whadda (sweet bud) Hero!

Yummy.  Streetcar boy.

 This was our view much of Monday when we went down to Christie Pitts park to bask in the glory ..... and play some cribbage.  Cuz we're super lame that way (the good way).

 Baby and his space phone.

 So that was the weekend...... and this week was SUPPOSED to feel short but it really didn't.  

Jenna and I ditched our pilates class yesterday to lay in the park and saw these naked people:

Good times.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Whhhhhats new?

Going backwards in time.  It's called "whats been going on...."

Mother's Day weekend!  Well, Neither C dawg or I got to see our mommies this weekend as they are a tad far away HOWEVER we did manage to get out of the city for a nice Kdubs visit. We EVEN had the priviledge of getting a lift down there with my favorite family of 3.

NIIIICE work Kumars!

We had a "BBQ" at Kel and Robs (read: snicky snacks, mostly cheese) and had some good-ass people over there.

I had very high expectations for the weather but Mother Nature decided to cool er down a bit more than I would have liked.  So it was "Leather-Jacket-Outdoors-times" into the evening until we all got too chilly and pulled a complete 180 by lighting a fire inside!

The next day however- the sun was a shining and we got out to play 9 holes of golfy:

Yes yes ok LIL KEL you totally win that PHOTO COMPETITION.

Backwards we go to last week's work karaoke extravaganza.

We started off with the crew at CLINTONs before heading upstairs (at just after 7PM, by the way) to XO Karaoke.  We got the BIG room.





Good times had by all (I think).

Moving along, there was a lover-ly wedding brunch for my good pal Neeners.

They got a beau-tiful Sunday in Mississauga to share and spread their love all about.
Kick ass brunch-foods we're had.

And some MIMOSAS

MJ MMMMimosa

GORG (her, not me)

Coupla cuties

Well that about sums up the last coupla weeks I suppose.
I swears I'll be back sooner than later. BBQ this weekend with my buds- will take pics!

Question of the day- would you make fun of C and I for getting a cat sitter (2 visits) when being away for about 30 hours????