Thursday, September 25, 2008



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I finally checked out the new 90210

My only questions is-

What the fuck is up with Shannon Doherty's mouth / Lips / teeth?

Also- the Toronto METRO "mag".....

That Enza Supermodel person- MAN OR WOMAN?

(i'm serious)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am Sooo Jesse McCartney... it hurts.

Holy Fire, Toronto!

As I blog, there is a mass of BLACK THICK SMOKE rising up from what appears to be the Bloor and St/ George- area.

Updates (with pics, hopefully) later.

UPDATE- The fire was a house fire at Dupont and Avenue road.
Thanks 680 news!

Ugh, it is going to Stink near my house!

Monday, September 22, 2008


So the hair didn't turn out perfectly (big surprise) due to the red dye that had been saturating every stand of my mop before i went in.....
...ok so there was at least 3 or 4 different reds on my hair when i went into the salon.

That is prolly why it took 4 and a half hours for this whole process.

This is my during:

This is me now.

I like it I feel good, refreshed etc.
I needed the change.

BTW-My kitten is growing!

As are my tits, which is like, the 3rd scariest thing in the world.

Had some lovely gal time with Sarah and Christie (my Waterloo biatches) this weekend. We chilled all weekend. I did not get drunk. Weird. but good. i was becoming a bit of a stress case and I feel good today.....and the fact that it's Monday and I can say that is a good sign.

Did some major shopping yesterday. Ok so I NEVER go into "Old Navy", because, well- I just never do... Found this cute pea-coat there for $30 bucks!!!!! Loves it.

Last night went out to Kilgours for a few drinks, saw C for a short visit and then went home and made yummy pasta (stuffed with brie!!) with a nice sauce. Ate a cheese criossant that was leftover from the batch of pastries our wonderful house guests brought home on Sunday morning for breaky.

oh and they brought us these too!
NOTE: the freaky squirrel plant holder Corey bought. One night last week, whilest slumbering on the couch- I woke up to THAT THING'S shadow in the window. I jumped from my laying-down position OVER the side table and practically landed in the kitchen. SCARED....

for those of you who think I am over reacting- please note that we DID have a squirrel in our apt last year. Freaky shit.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's like... Chilean day or something

My boss is from Chile, and she is bringin us JUMBO EMPANADAS from Kensington for lunch.

Goooo Chile.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fuck it

I'm cutting it off.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Mac- no meat

...Why can't anyone grasp this idea?

I have been eating my MAC this way for 15 years. It's delicious.
Today they even added tomatoes- no charge.

The cat is crazy-cool. He ran around the house (happy hour) and ended up on the stool PANTING LIKE A DOG and staring at us, crazily. What a goof. I love him!

He found a purrfect place to nap too.

Side note- on C's behalf. He ain't heavy, man. It's the pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am eating the SPICIEST roti of my life. Mutter Paneer. What on earth was I thinking when the nice lady asked if I'd like it Spicey?
Why did I say YES with such white girl confidence, that I thought I'd be okay?

It IS Delicious though. It may just take me the duration of my workday to finish it...

Karaoke night last night was fun. I, of course wowed the crowd with my rendition of White Rabbit, - C sang his little heart out too.... complete with a flip / somersault off the stage!!!!!!!! We left shortly after.... up the street to Mayday Malone's... for Karaoke night.

Didn't sing there. Corey and I realized it was drunk-thirty and we both had to work in the AM. so we grabbed a nice pie and went home to mow it down.

Funny side note- we may be coaxed into heading out this evening.... to the Gladstone. Holy Karaoke, Batman.

Finally gots some nice pics from our labour Day weekend:

Went to a rally (hosted by my step-father):

The rally was trying to protect "the rocks" from being taken over by some greedy greedy asshole who thinks he owns all the land... Here's the Rocks Im talking about:
We went Paddle boating:

Stayed in this super TACKY -but amazing cottage: here's some of our favorite TACK finds-

Ok enough tack....

What's better than an old dog in the grass

Or some dock time?

Or baby fishing?

Or me looking like Blanche Devereaux?

We had some fun with the fire too.... Getting a stick nice and hot and then standing on the rocks to "perform" for each other.



Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have nothing to say except that I am feeling some better.

Perhaps I'll try out some Karaoke, although I'm sure my voice will not be at it's best.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


His name is Jackson. Jax for short.

He is a kitten like no other sort.

He fetches like a puppy and squeeks like a mouse.

(and he hasn't as of yet made a mess in the house.)

His purr can be heard from one room to another,

C is the poppa, I am the mother.

Watching him grow will- I'm sure be some fun,

He is better than a child- Our very own "hairy" son.

I took a bath and Mr. Meowsalot has to pop in to see what was going on


Monday, September 8, 2008

He has arrived

...and my camera phone does him absolutely NO justice...

Thanks A for "receiving him" for us. You are now the official god parent.
More pics later with a decent camera and... HIS NAME.

to be continued.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Doods I think I'm getting this tuxedo kitten!
My Pal Marta's neighbor cat had a litter and they are about ready for take-off
Isn't he lovely?
Made my way to PAYLESS for BOGO yesterday and got there two pairs. Goooooo Fall Shoes!

Tuesday night we hit the Blue Jays game, VIP seats I won from Work. My camera phone does our view no justice- really.
10 bucks a pop for a beerski. Well, a large beer, naturally.

Anyways Not that I know dick-all about sports... but we won.

Oh our glorious phallic symbol all lit up.

These two are our neighborhood cats. They are best buds. I often see them napping together and their porch. This particular morning they were out for a stroll- side by side.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labour Day weekend

Wow, what a grand weekend.

Headed up north on Friday afternoon in time to chill at mom and petes and have a few drinks.
We then headed to our own personal cottage (which was awesome) and fed mom too much wine- she had a headache the next day :(

Our cabin:

4 bed rooms. This place sleeps like 12 people. Right on the water- waking up to the waves in the morn, etc.
Old school EVRYTHING and very tack-ily decorated. Who could ask for more?
(Pics later)

The Players:

C $ and Ilana-
CD dawg and yours truely-
Lil' Kel and Bob-
We played Bocci Ball, We had camp fires, We swam, We bathed in the sun, We went to a protest / rally headed by my StepFather!!! (some arsehole up there who claims he owns the very ricks we've been jumping off for 30 + years!).

All in all- it was good times!

Pics to come!