Friday, December 11, 2015

Worst. Blogger. ever.

That is me!

hmm OK so what's new in like a dog's age?

Well it is coming up on "Winter" here in Toronto:

Anyone dreaming of a White Christmas better keep dreaming.
Although I guess anything is possible.

What else?
Oh well THIS happened:

I missed that last stair and went RIGHT down.  Twisty McTwisterson.  Went to the walk-in clinic and the doc said it was not broken.  I never did get that x-ray though, and I am still limping about a tad.  Perhaps I see some physio in my future!

Corey has been hard at work on his ART as there is a shindig this Sunday at the SUPERJET:

Should be fun.  Last year was pretty epic.  We have Michael Coughlan coming in to head up the MUSIC.

And I will be making SNICKY SNACKS a-plenty!

Hmm what else?  OH YEAH, that thing I did.

Week 1

Week 2


Week 3 (today!!!)