Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cats, dogs, being 30 etc

This is what I spent my day with yesterday.

I had a mad sore throat and so I decided to chillax and get better avec Jackson.

Oh yah, my 30th bday Do I look older and wiser?
We had a shin-dig at our place in Toronto on Friday. Packed the apartment completely. Good times.
Next day arrived at my sisters to this spread (which included Applewood Smoked Cheddar cheese- yum)

Had a delicious meal of Spaghetti and Meat(less) Balls. Then mommy made me a cheesecake!

More Sugar!
My sister's doggie even dressed up for the event!
And then, Ethels Lounge. Please remind me ONLY A BLACK BRA WITH THIS TURTLE NECK FROM NOW ON
And on a side note- C and I finally made it. We have our pic displayed on a table at Kilgours.
It only took about 2 years + about $6,000 in beers and Jager shots ;)

Wo hoo


steph said...

HAHAHAHA it was almost like hanging out with you

Kathryn Halpie-poo said...

Um, how effing cute do you guys look in that Kilgours pic????? Sheesh! Stop already.
I'm so sad I missed all things birthday. We must make it all up - and SOON! and FAST!

Highwaisted said...

holy famous much? happy birthday again and again. im feeling better. you?

Raymi Lauren said...

ya um and no credit for this? BOO.

krista zee said...


Raymi Lauren said...

<--- takes a bow