Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today at 5pm I go in for a hair choppin'. I am growing this shit out though.
I found that during my pilates classes that I have the tiniest of ponytails already! It's like 2 inches long. This may, however change after 5pm today BUT I am in desperate need for a real trim. This means not ME in my bathroom chopping away.

Growing- Hair and Nails both.
For the first time in 18 years I want a different New Year's Resolution than "stop biting my nails". It is ridiculous. I have somehow found the power though. These babies are LONG. I figured with flu season and everything I prolly shouldn't be putting my fingers in my mouth ANYWAYS.

I volunteered at the Daily Bread Food Bank yesterday. Nice to get an afternoon away from the old office and do good. Plus we found some amazing shit. Peoples home movies on VHS, PUDDIN' from around 1962 I SWEAR.... oh and a half jar of PB and one bagel in it's bag.

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