Wednesday, November 4, 2009

C'est Halloween- HEY!

Hallowe'en- Day One- work party:

I think we did a great job. My team went all out getting their costumes together - notice Kyle's "light saver = fluorescent light bulb", and Joel's costume = an actual lightsaver.
Plus Jar Jar Binks has never has such a nice rack, in my opinion ;)

Moving on.....

Night One- KW:

Hallowe'en- Night Two- T dot:

The red arrow is pointing to my first customer at the snacks table. I love venturing out to the Mexican Food Market to get delicious hot salsa, cheese and fresh corn tortillas, and making these cheesy quesadillas to bring to the party so that I can watch as some wheat-a-bix feeds the dog my snacks.

Oh well, I know I had at least one more customer. I'm hoping some of the party-goers (who are not of the canine persuasion) stumbled upon my treats on the table latter in the night :)

I love Hallowe'en. Really, any excuse to dress up is cool beans with me. The great thing about Alicia and Hayley's friends are they are all great sports and get into the costume thang. I also recently realized that although I have been at a few different "dress up" parties at the ALI-JOE-HAYLEY-JAMES place- this was the first actual Hallowe'en one.

Again, any excuse to get dressed up. I am in.

This evening is dinner with the Kumars. Whatever shall we make? I am so into food this week I can't even tell you. Let's just say this week I am "allowed". Next week- salad time.

Oh yes, this just in- Jackson still adorable-

the end.


I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Hmm... maybe an album of Jackson pics for your coffee table? I think black and white suits him very well.

Highwaisted said...

i love our parties! they are the bestest! you brought food??? i didnt even know!!!

jeremy said...

i was going to write something about how ironic it was that a dog was eating mexican food, but then i remembered that mexicans eat cats, not dogs.

if anyone ever feeds your quesadillas to a cat, though, you should totally take a picture of it.

Krista said...

Is that a paper bag princess? I've seen so many on Facebook this year it's crazy!