Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birf-day Weekend

My Birthday weekend was pretty much amazing.
Friday night was so so much fun. It was a long night- and a good night.

That's what you get for having your first corona at 4:30pm I suppose.

I made my way to Jamieson country later in the evening- which may explain the bruises on my legs. Ouch.
All in all no one was hurt too much. I did get to sing some karaoke and many friends turned up for the festivities.

"White Rabbit"- I need a new song.

My adoring fans.



I would marry my own cheekbones here.

And finally, me realizing that my purple bra is showing in all pics, due to the flash- again

I NEED NEW CLOTHES. and a new bra, apparently.

Saturday night i had the most amazing dinner at the most amazing restaurant with the most amazing people. I love my pals. Was so tired and full after dinner that we headed home early. I am a party pooper BUT It was my Birthday so ANYTHING is allowed. New Rule :)

Sunday night I went to St. Jacobs for brunch with my pops. A post, as promised "all about Bob" will come soon.

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beans said...

SUCH a good time!!! xo