Monday, September 22, 2008


So the hair didn't turn out perfectly (big surprise) due to the red dye that had been saturating every stand of my mop before i went in.....
...ok so there was at least 3 or 4 different reds on my hair when i went into the salon.

That is prolly why it took 4 and a half hours for this whole process.

This is my during:

This is me now.

I like it I feel good, refreshed etc.
I needed the change.

BTW-My kitten is growing!

As are my tits, which is like, the 3rd scariest thing in the world.

Had some lovely gal time with Sarah and Christie (my Waterloo biatches) this weekend. We chilled all weekend. I did not get drunk. Weird. but good. i was becoming a bit of a stress case and I feel good today.....and the fact that it's Monday and I can say that is a good sign.

Did some major shopping yesterday. Ok so I NEVER go into "Old Navy", because, well- I just never do... Found this cute pea-coat there for $30 bucks!!!!! Loves it.

Last night went out to Kilgours for a few drinks, saw C for a short visit and then went home and made yummy pasta (stuffed with brie!!) with a nice sauce. Ate a cheese criossant that was leftover from the batch of pastries our wonderful house guests brought home on Sunday morning for breaky.

oh and they brought us these too!
NOTE: the freaky squirrel plant holder Corey bought. One night last week, whilest slumbering on the couch- I woke up to THAT THING'S shadow in the window. I jumped from my laying-down position OVER the side table and practically landed in the kitchen. SCARED....

for those of you who think I am over reacting- please note that we DID have a squirrel in our apt last year. Freaky shit.


Kathryn Halpie-poo said...

The hair looks great! And honestly, recently I was thinking, Krista should go blondely for a while again. Nice for a change, hey?

And I'm not saying that 'cause the red ever looked bad. Your hair has always been Krista-edge ;-)

Highwaisted said...

nice. hmmm brie pasta yum!

steph said...

kayzee the hair looks great, blond suits you!