Tuesday, September 9, 2008


His name is Jackson. Jax for short.

He is a kitten like no other sort.

He fetches like a puppy and squeeks like a mouse.

(and he hasn't as of yet made a mess in the house.)

His purr can be heard from one room to another,

C is the poppa, I am the mother.

Watching him grow will- I'm sure be some fun,

He is better than a child- Our very own "hairy" son.

I took a bath and Mr. Meowsalot has to pop in to see what was going on



Chlo said...

oh wonderful! congratulations!

Kathryn Halpie-poo said...

Um, that poem is amazing. Put that in his baby book for sure.

He'll look back on that one day and shed several tears because his mother and poppa love him so much.

Highwaisted said...

OH MAN jackson!! perfect. i need to tell you something special about that name when i see you!

Wazz said...

Woah...i was the 666th person to view your profile.