Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Sickness

....Thought I had some major allergies going on. It all started on Friday when I was cleaning / packing up my desk at work (we are moving one floor down). I KNOW that I am allergic to dust. And the dust just GOT to me. What made it worse is the next morning C and I got up and cleaned the apartment- as we had some company coming (sister, Bolt, Jenny). THAT was the straw that broke the camel's back. I am talking severe snottin', wicked watery eyes, itchy etc.
So Saturday night consisted of the 5 (6 including feline) of us hangin out, eating a load of snackfood and making HOT AND SOUR SOUP. Yum.
The soup helped but the next day I was still really affected with this allergy disease.

C and I had a nice Sunday which consisted of HIGHPARK - the leashfree zone. Think creepy dog watchers who don't own or bring their own dog (like the possible kiddy-diddlers of the canine world)...

Oh and we also checked out the Bison, the cows, the sheep-like animals and others that can stand the winter cold in the HighPark "zoo".
PS Emu's apparently can withstand it.

Anyways, we also went out and got me some allergy meds.
Now.... There are two ways in life that I resemble a TODDLER; the way I have to mix water in with juice I drink AND my vulnerability to certain medications. We picked up some Children's Benadryl with a delicious grape flavour. Let me tell you- even the dose you give to someone who weighs in at- hmmm I don't know- 25
pounds- KNOCKS the Zerbinator straight on her ass!

So this brings me to today. In my pajamas. Hair looking like a scene from Something About Mary, with a Full On sickness. (Perhaps it wasn't allergies afterall).

THe good news? I have a warm tuxedo cat, hot tea and some Oil of Oregano. OH and lots of snacks. Healthy ones at that.
My dinner last night? One avocado, two toasted mini-pitas, some carrot and celery stix and a shot of tzatziki to boot. Ok ok and a few pieces of marble cheddar (I would make the worst ever Vegan).

Off to the couch.
Hoping to be well enough tomorrow to go into work and set up my new digs!


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