Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bidding Adieu to the TAP

Goodbye Sign! (Well you may be there for a while yet)

Farewell Booze!

Arivaderchi noisy Bubble Hockey table!

Check ya later tacky Kiss Statues!

I should have morned this loss when it actually happened- which was a week ago BUT I guess I haven't felt much of a blow from the TAP closing down yet..... But I must say the place holds a special place in my heart...
I met Corey there, for Chrissakes.

Although I have not spent much time there in the past while - I wanted to give the TAP a proper send off.


Clint said...

Damn, they closed that place?? I had some good times darkening that door.

Kathryn Halpie-poo said...

how did you get in there just now? bye bye taphole