Tuesday, June 14, 2011

$10 in his pocket.....

In 1930, on the 15th day of August, my grandfather arrived in Canada on the Duchess Of  Bedford:

He was 23 years old and alone.  He had $10 in his pocket.

I had the extreme pleasure of discovering all this while in Halifax this past weekend when we visited the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

I also got to see the original record of his arrival, complete with his signature and declaration.  He had entered "$20" originally and then crossed it out and re-entered "$10".  That is all he had.
I never met this man as he passed away when my ma was just a teenager.
The records showed his destination: Lion's Head, ON.  This is where he met my grandmother and fathered three children; one being my mother.  

My mom moved back up north after retiring in 2000.  

I had these records mailed to me and am awaiting their arrival, at which point my super-artsy bf will help me to frame the record and the boat image as a gift for my marmie.

My. Mother. Will. Most. Definitely. Cry.

and then so will I.

I can't WAIT to surprise her. 


Gage1 said...

that is SUCH an amazing plan!

Back to Bolt said...

That is amazing!

My Mom saw her record when she immigrated in the late 40's. It was very emotional for her.

You really are the best daughter ever.

Starling Social said...

That's SO sweet of you! And what an amazing find! Thanks for sharing some of your family history :)