Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit With MacNeil

Well my dears it has now been over one week since she left us to travel back to Halifax-country but our visit with laura was great!
She is a little camera shy but I managed to steal a few :)

She came bearing gifts- a pewter bracelet for me (LOVE IT) and a tee-shirt for C dawg from a little Chicken Spot called the LICK A CHICK. It has this image on the back:
We got in a good night of pubStumper's Trivia, as well as a pool game or two.

Remind me AGAIN not to wear that bra with thin tee-shirts.

Scrabble at Kilgours. A pastime we enjoy. A guy I dated was at the table riiiiiight next to us and we did a good job of pretending he didn't exist.

We had a nice night at my old roomie's place. her sister is pictured below and Two days after this puic was taken- She got engaged.
Holy Hannah- is it EVER spring. I hear of a new engagement every 6-9 days!

Ok so THIS is what I am TALKIN' about. When C and I first met / started spending every moment altogether... Laura was there. For a lot of it. Like our little third wheel- that we both actually liked having around-
I'm sure if the three of us could legally get wed- we would.

Next up, Laura's last hour. We spent it on Kilgours patio. Of Course. But HELL It was 30 degrees out last Monday! Fiona skipped out early from work to see her off too!

Side note-
My roomies cat ECHO whom used to live with us- looks alot like another handsome devil I know!

Here's looking at you, cat.

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