Thursday, January 31, 2008

TTC and Trivia

This is how I got to work today

This evening is going to be a geek fest -if I've ever seen one.

So, we used to go to this bar- the Duke of Gloucester for "Pub stumpers Trivia" with our good pal Laura. Ever since Laura packed up and moved to Halifax- we have abandoned the trivia night, and "My So Called Team" has gone our seperate ways.

This evening,
We are bringing it back-full force.

Our brains have had many months of rest and should be ready to kick some geek ass at 7pm!

And when I say geek, I mean this in it's truest form. This place, on Thursday nights- FLOODED!

After that, perhaps head to MayDay Malones on Bathurst for some KARAOKE.
Any takers?

Dive bar night- at it's finest -I would say!

1 comment:

Krissyface said...

I'm dying to do karaoke. But since I don't drink that much anymore, I'm not sure if I'll still be as good. Love that bus! What the...?