Monday, January 7, 2008

Board Games

This weekend was all about boardgames.

Friday night we had a few peeps over for drinking and gaming. I tell you-
This POP 5 game has the ability to make time stand still.

Before we knew it- It was 3am and we were still playing.

Good times.

Saturday night- Boardgames (and drinks of course) but this time at McB's apartment.

This was early in the evening:

Then came more Jamisons.

And more.

And smokey.

And watching a guy outside - 11 floors down- getting arrested, and CERIAL-
Uph-teem cop vehicles. I won't even say "cop cars" Cause there were all kinds of VE-hiclies.

Then we spotted ppl from two buildings over on their balcony and of course started screaming like "woooooooooo-hoo, this is awesome. Watching this unfortunate dood get arrested (for god knows what). WOOOOOOOOT"

This was shortly after:

Speaking of cop cars, last week Corey and I were about to cross Bloor st to go home and past us drove this unmarked cop car (which was so obviously a cop car) so I said outloud, but prolly thinking it was half in my head:"UN MARKED CAAAP CAR" and dood looks at me and is all "Thats' Right!"

............. had to be there I guess.

Well besides being 10 pounds more than i have ever weighed in my entire life and having no money- LIFE IS GOOD.

Thank god for my sweetheart and his footrubs.


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