Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Strip Yahtzee

So, It's 12 degrees outside, and about a hundred in the office so I am wearing bare legs today.

Feels strange... but maybe because IT'S FUCKING JANUARY!

I hate to admit it, but I like it.

I am aware there is a serious problem.

Still like it.

My latest obsession is this:


and not even so much the video- but the song.

There are a number of songs out there, that-without fail- bring tears to my eyes every single time I hear them.

Leonard Cohen has that power.

Now so do the Shins.

What wonderful melodies.

Right now I'm drinking a "Tropic-ombo". Half water, half Tropicana OJ.

It's refreshing.....Summery..... Much like the day on the other side of my office window.

And what a window it is, looking north on Bathurst- one of Toronto's ugliest streets, in my opinion.

And my window is busted, so I can't open it.

I would die for a breeze right about now.

For a while last week, I was cooking here at work. In the office. In the busted heating unit.

My bagel with melted cheese never tasted so good.

But, alas, they have it fixed, so no more tasty goodness for me.

Jenny G is in town starting tonight for a few days. Yah!

We're having her a Kat over for MORE boardgames and yummy food.

My sister FINALLY joined facebook.
She seems to do things like this after they're cool.
Anywho I drew this on her graffiti wall!


LooLoo said...

yeah, it's 63 (17.2c) here but its like -0 in the office so I am downing hot choco.

kay zee said...


highwaisted said...

holy random thoughts woman

Anonymous said...

Brrrr. How do you survive getting to and from your office? I hope you don't have to wait outside for a bus or train.

Anonymous said...

12 degrees, brr??