Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This past weekend was my sister's Bday party.
Pretty good times.
We stuffed ourselves into her friend's adorable apartment, played some games, ate some foods (there was a SHITLOAD), and went home with over a q of free roobies!
I cut my sister some heinous bangs at Xmas, but they are growing in REAL nice now.
Why oh Why does she always end up looking younger than me!?!

No worries.
I've got these.

(I'm trying to pin point if we were playing a game at this moment, or If I was just showing off)

So Seeing my sis all cutey patoots in her bangs, I decided to trim mine and now I'm not sure if I qualify as "cute" or if I look like I am making an attempt to look "young" or "good".
I dunno- something about bangs.
They like purify the soul or some shit.
We'll see....

My mom and Pete are joining us in the big smoke for two nights this week- I'm excited.
Mom likes the city.
She grew up in a small community, and her idea of "big city" is Sketchener-Waterloo.
It's fun to ride the subway with her. She makes me stand pressed up AGAINST the wall while waiting for the car to arrive and come to a complete stop.
Can't wait...

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