Monday, January 21, 2008

Blockbuster fucked off

So we hit the local Bloor Street Blockcuster in the middle of last week and KABOOM--it's freaking empty.
Weird thing is- we were just there like the day before. There was no empty shelves, no boxes, no teary eyed fat guy behind the counter, no sign AT ALL that the very next day the place would be completely VACANT.

Some dood drove up on his bike, dvd in hand wondering what the hell happened to the GI-NORMEOUS sign that read "Blockbuster"......
I told him the film was meant to belong to him.
I hope - for his sake- he didnt rent "Hairspray" or "Karate Dog"... or some other shit movie.

OK and now- just for fun:
If you HAAAAAD to-
Gilbert Gottfried or George Lopez?

...come on


spr said...

I would have to say Lopez. Because Gilbert isn't even a human being, is he? Isn't he, like made of silly putty?

Krissyface said...

that dude totally got a free video! I'm going to my local blackblister like TOMORROW and renting $100 worth of videos, then keepin' my fingers crossed.

LooLoo said...

Gilbert, I saw him in The Aristocrats, he made me laugh, HARD. Serious funny shit.

highwaisted said...

ew neither. I'd become a lesbo

Anonymous said...

lopez mouth
godfrey ass