Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mary J Blige

What's the deal?
Are you competing in an ugly fashion race?
Who can wear the most amount of animal hide / fur on their bodies AT THE SAME TIME.

I do not eat meat, it's true, and think that the very idea of fur as an act of fashion is cruel (ever see the old PETA ad with the "stripped down fox?") BUT this has little to do with my thoughts here about ol' MJB.
It's fucking ugly.
You look like an idiot.

Just today in STAR (quality) magazine, I see a picture of you wearing 5 types of animal.

1. Silver FOX coat
2. Louis Vuitton MINK muffler (scarf)
3. FUR trimmed sick ass wedge heel boots
4. Leather bag

and finally

5. Human skin

gag me with a spoon.
the end.

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