Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 5 Vocab

For those who know me- these words need no explanation.
But since I realise I may be using these often enough in my bog, I will explain:

1. Wheatbag- loser, tragic person, asshole

2. Heinousheight- a term of measurement: When you walk into a bar (ie: sometimes the Gladstone on Saturday night) and are SURROUNDED by lame-ass people.
"It was, like, 55 degrees heinousheight in there that night!"

3. Rooby- change the R to a D, and the Y to an IE (me thinks)

4. Tux - short for tuxedo cat. The most special and gorgeous of them all. Has been stretched to also refer to black and white canines.

5. O.O.C.- "Out Of Control"......not to be confused with popular teen tee vee show (which I have never sat through)

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